Beat the January blues with colourful themed ideas

January is a month that could really do with brightening up! Short days, cold weather and winter clothes make us feel miles away from the fun and colour of summer. Dash of Sparkle are bringing you fun themed ideas to beat the January blues and inspire your next event.

The ideal theme for transforming a blank canvas venue, colour can be added to every aspect of your décor. From pastels to rainbow shades, there’s no limit to the colours you can use. Depending on your taste, a colourful theme can be made up of traditional colourful balloons, banners and centrepieces, or you can incorporate LED lighting around the room and as part of your entertainment or food stations.

Sweet stations and food carts are a really popular choice at events. Not only do they add a fun, interactive element for your guests – they look cool too! Usually decorated in bright colours, adding an LED element makes them stand out, especially for evening parties. You can choose from popcorn, candyfloss or sweet carts – not forgetting a chocolate fountain!

When it comes to centrepieces, taking inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great start. Combining multi-coloured balloons, ribbons and shiny material is a way to incorporate elements of your favourite themes without going all-out.

If you’re having a dinner dance, your guests will spend a lot of time sitting at their tables. Decorating them beautifully with multi-coloured confetti or diamantes and dressing the chairs with bows will make all the difference. Naming each table after a colour to go with your seating plan is a lovely finishing touch.

Multi-coloured décor doesn’t have to stop at floor level. Why not have a ceiling canopy? Paired with uplighters or strobing lights, your function room is sure to look amazing. When it comes to entertainment, the options are endless! Colourful choices include a colour-changing LED casino table, or entertainers that use colour in their performance, such as a hula hooper or dancers in colourful costumes. 

If you’re looking for a full-on candyland experience, we’re now offering a Kosher Candyland service, which includes all the fun food options we’ve mentioned.

To get your multi-coloured party plans started, give us a call on 07877 927 246

Choosing an event planner for your Casino Royale themed party

Choosing an event planner means that you can relax and enjoy the evening, knowing that the important elements are being taken care of. With the anticipation leading up to the event, inspiration can be hard to find, which is why we’ve got a few ideas to help you along the way. We take themed parties to the next level. Don’t settle for over-used sports or music themes, let us inspire you with a brand new idea for your next event. Kick off the party with a Casino Royale theme!Read More

Interesting Articles

While surfing on Google, Stumble Upon, Twitter and a variety of other locations we come across a variety of interesting articles to do with weddings, parties and corporate events.

If it made a great impression, it has made it to our website to be shared with all our members (you can read the article by clicking the link):

Happy Exploring !


Driftwood-ChuppahHow you choose to decorate your chuppah for your special day can really symbolise your relationship, home and individual personalities.

This website has some fantastic ideas, have a look through for inspiration, don’t you agree – the driftwood chuppah would be perfect for an outdoor wedding or for something a little more rustic than traditional?


Decorate your wedding aisleHave you thought about how to decorate your wedding aisle yet?  Make a statement not only with flowers, but perhaps shells, pretty filled jars, candles and lanterns.

Check out this great website for more inspiration:



scrapbookIf you need some ideas and inspiration for bar/bat-mitzvah gifts, check out this handy guide!

A scrapbook of their life in photos and tales, or perhaps a family tree are lovely personal ideas.



menu ideasFood for thought! Plenty of mouth-watering menu ideas here to serve up at your child’s bar/bat-mitzvah:



ketubahLook at these wonderful, unique, custom made ketubah’s, so many lovely ideas of presenting your marriage certificate….what is yours going to look like?




numbers placenamesWedding favours with a difference?  These magnetic letters would be a definite ice-breaker for couples who don’t know each other too well!

Your guests will no doubt have lots of fun making up silly words at the table and they can of course be used again after the event for childrens games or for decorating presents:



Surviving your Bar and Bat MitzvahHave you seen/read this light-hearted yet informative guide for surviving your Bar/Bat-Mitzvah for both parents and children ? – it’s full of tips, resources, advice and information to prepare any family for this special milestone:




etiquetteSo what is the etiquette when it comes to attending a bar/bat-mitzvah?  What are the do’s and don’ts?

This guide will give you some useful pointers but it’s always best to check with the host too!



guestbookJust love this idea as an alternative to a standard guestbook.

“Instead of a traditional guest book, Amanda & Charley had a glass jar and pieces of paper so that all their guests could write us advice/well wishes etc. and put it in the jar. They agreed that every anniversary they would read a few to remember the celebration and who attended.” 

Read more great guestbook ideas here:

Great article written by Preston Bailey – When your dream wedding and budget conflict, here are 5 things to think about!

Top 10 Hidden Wedding and Celebration Costs

Looking for entertainment ideas for your wedding or party? Here are the top 10 entertainment ideas

What are you doing for your hen night? Here are 10 Great Alternative Hen Night Ideas

Become a Winter Warrior – on page 13 of the Inspired Essex Magazine

Under Pressure … Here we go again … My, My ?? – In the Happy Mind Magazine

Wedding or Celebration Checklist

Expert Advice

Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed with your wedding or celebration and just not sure where to turn?

Do you have a question to ask and would really love some expert advice but concerned that you will feel obliged to commit to using their service and it may not fit into your budget!

Well this is your opportunity to ask all those buring questions without any restraint or concern and get that expert advice you are after!

Email (include in the title Expert Advice) and we will reply to your question as soon as we can.

(Please note this page gets updated on a monthly basis, so please do return to check if your question has not been replied to yet)



19. I get asked by many brides about what other food options they could offer their evening guests, as standard buffets become more and more dated. Here are some great ideas from fish and chip cones to hog roasts – have a read to get your taste buds going!

18. What do you think about a bride and groom asking for money as a wedding gift?  Would you
be happy to give money if asked rather than choosing a gift from a list or choosing your own?  Jazzy

17. I really really want to get my H2B a lovely wedding day present. As he has given me the wedding of my dreams! I’m on a tight budget :(. He doesn’t wear jewellery, I have no idea what to get him! Please help me! Sue

16. I am getting married on 9th August and trying to keep to my budget which has turned out to be quite difficult. Do you have any suggestions about how to reduce costs? Daniella

15.  Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, do you have any ideas of what special things we could do together?, Valentine Love Bird

14.  I am looking for something fun, yet elegant for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and I really don’t want to break the bank. Please can you make a suggestion for a lovely centrepiece that won’t cost more then £30. Shelby, Mitzvah Mummy

13.  Really struggling to find a Kosher venue for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Is there really nowhere I can have a Kosher function for less then £90 per person? Denise, Mitzvah Mummy

12.  We are planning a party for my son’s 21st. Its in a 5* hotel and the venue has very high ceilings. I really want to fill the room, create the wow factor but also incorporate a sporty theme. How can we do that? Joanne 

11.  Iabsolutely love the Shabby Chic Vintage theme and want to incorporate as much of it as possible into my wedding. The invitations have been really easy to do, but how can I incorporate the theme into the wedding day? Jacqueline, Bride-to-Be

10.  Have started looking at a variety of venues for my wedding next year and wondered what are the essential questions I should be asking the venue, apart from availability and the price, of course. Donna Smith, Bride-to-Be

9.  My wedding date is the 21 September, only a couple of months to go! I am incredibly excited about my outdoor summer wedding. We are having a picnic and dancing into the wee hours of the night. Only thing is I am really concerned about  – our British weather! Can you suggest some ideas for water-proofing my wedding so that the rain does not ruin our special day. Samantha, Summer Showers

8.  Facebook Photos what do you think? On your big day all your friends / family will be snapping away with their camera phones and then possibly putting them up on Facebook / instagram etc. I don’t want to come across as a bridezilla but I am unsure whether I like this? I really want to be the first person to show my day off. Really confused, am I being silly or is there something I can do about it? Thanks, Grace

7.  My son’s Barmitzvah is taking place at a restaurant that has very narrow tables. We would still like to have centrepeices that have the wow factor but need something with a small base. Suggestions are most welcome … Laura, Mitzvah Mummy

6.  It is my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in June and I would like her to make an extra special entrance. She does not really sing or dance, but I would love to create the wow factor! Please can you give me a couple of suggestions I could consider?
Thanks, Hollie

5.  I am really excited, my wedding is in under a month ! All the suppliers have been booked and now I am focusing my attention on my wedding speech. How can I make my speech more interesting and fun? I have been exploring Google and YouTube for ideas but don’t know how to make it more personal and add that special touch. Please can you make some suggestions. Diana, Bride-to-Be

4.  Hi my name is Hannah and I am getting married in a community hall in Rickmansworth. The hall looks really plain and I want to feel like I am somehere else, somwhere magical! Can you let me know how much it would cost to drape a room and what else I could do to add some magic to my wedding reception?

3.  Hi I am Linzie and am getting married in two weeks and have planned my wedding myself, but wanted to ask if you could advise me with what I should put in my emergency kit so that I am prepared for any unexpected last minute stresses.

2.  I would like to use a wedding planner to help out with our wedding plans, but am concerned that it would end up adding uneccesary costs to my wedding budget. Would it really save me money? Could I not just do it all myself? Debbie, confused bride-to-be .

1.  We are getting married next year in May and unfortunately have a very low budget for our wedding. We are planning on creating a lot of the bits ourselves to cut costs but wondered if you have any suggestions that can help us stick to our budget? All the suppliers I am speaking too have such high prices, what can I say to them to negotiate a better price? Daisy



19. Great ideas for alternative catering for your evening guests!

Looking for something different to serve your evening guests? You are going to be hungry by the time you get to the end of the list 🙂

  • Sandwiches cut into interesting shapes
  • Mini quiches
  • Sausage rolls or sausages
  • Crisps and dip
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Mini pizzas
  • Potatoe wedges
  • Mini hamburgers
  • Breaded mushrooms
  • Fajitas
  • Sushi
  • Chicken kebabs
  • BBQ buffet
  • Hog roast

Let us know what your choice or add something to the list we have not come up with!

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18. Hi Jazzy

That is a great question to ask, especially in modern times where a lot of brides are already living with their better half and could do with a bit of help for their honeymoon or renovations to their home. I definitely think that as most of your family and friends know you well and would appreciate being given the opportunity to give you somehting you really want instead of a gift that you may end up exchanging. You are not alone and if you would like to read about other brides asking the same question … here is a link to the interesting ideas and responses they  received –

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17. Hi Sue

First of all congratulations on your engagement and may i wish you many more years of every-day-present-giving to your special man. When giving present to a man, especially husband to be, it’s better to stay romantic and cute, but still classy. I’d advise to buy a watch. it’s not really a jewellery and it’s practical. As for the cute line, you can have it engraved with “let this watch count all our sweet moments together” or something similat that will relate to your relationship and you both. Another great idea could be to put together a first night box, make it naughty or nice, romantic or just funny. You could include his favourite bite-size treats, dipping chocolate or whipped cream, edible body paint and brush, and a do not disturb sign 🙂 Hope this helps.

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16. Hi Danielle,

Firstly I want to say, not to worry! Most brides don’t realise when they start off how many little hidden wedding items are included. They forget the little things like favors, gifts for the bridesmaids and all those special extras to make the wedding more personalised. When I was looking for ideas for a blog, I found this lovely site that offers  invaluable advice on how to save money, something we all need help with from time to time! You don’t need to compromise on your special day! There are so many great ideas out there! Have a look at this link –

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15. Hi Valentine Love Bird

I love this romantic time of year, there are so many things to do and places to enjoy with your loved one.  Here are some great ideas for how couples in love could celebrate this special day…I am passing on some hints 🙂

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14.  Hi Shelby

You can definitely create something fun and elegent with a bit of colour and balloons. To keep costs down, how about a double bubble balloon or a outer balloon with lots of little ones on the inside. To finish off the arrangement you can have a collar and then a piece of organza with ribbon twirling to the table. For the base you can choose between a variety of shapes – heart, star or something with a bit of sparkle. Of course finish it off with a sprinkle of confetti. This idea can definitely fit into your budget of £30.

Double Bubble Balloon Centrepiece with collar and organza ribbon








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13.  Hi Denise

I completely understand your frustration, it is really difficult to find an affordable Kosher venue. Unfortunately The Pillar and The Majestic are the only two Kosher venues in the North London area and they are quite expensive. I am sure you have tried contacting hotels which allow external caterers to find the cost is equally expensive. But don’t feel disheartened, there are other opportunities you may not have considered…

I am really quite excited by your question because I have very recently partnered up with an amazing Kosher caterer and we have created a Kosher package that has all the top class expectations but still fits in with an affordable budget! I will email you more information about that but in the meantime here are a couple of suggestions to help with your venue search…

Synagogues and community halls are not as expensive with their venue hire charges. You could definitely have a Kosher function there for a lot less. Another option are the golf or cricket clubs, many of them have marquees up during the summer months and again don’t charge as much as hotels for venue hire. Or you could put up a marquee in your garden if it is large enough. Finally if you are not to fussed about having a banqueting style layout you could consider a Kosher restaurant. They would not charge you venue hire and the cost of their menu can be reduced to help keep to your budget. I hope these ideas help you get started and if you are still stuck, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can brainstorm some more ideas together. Kind regards, Idit

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12.  Hi Joanne

Such a great theme and I love the fact that you are celebrating in style ! A great way to fill up the room is with a tall wide vase and to link up with the theme to fill the vase with lots of little sporty balls. Or have an illuminated vase with a soccer, football or basketballs on the top. You can even have a sporty sweet buffet to add that delicious finishing touch! Here are two pics to get your creative juices flowing. We do create bespoke centrepieces so get in touch if you want a quote!

Vase with sporty balls  Disco ball centrepieces

(Photo with floral arrangement and sporty balls in vase taken by Jackson

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  11.  Hi Jacqueline

You have chosen such a gorgeous theme for your wedding. A beautiful theme that allows you to use a very chic but hand crafted style to create that shabby chic look. The shabby chic vintage theme has a mixture of a country/meadow feel combined with pastel fresh colours and a vintage touch to create that elegant finish.

Apart from a variety of centrepieces that can either have bird cages with fairy light roses or antique tea sets with fresh flowers and pearls, you can add to the theme with handcrafted place cards, menus, table numbers and favour bags. Laura Felicity’s Bespoke Wedding Stationery has the perfect style to fit your theme. They exhibited at our Wedding and Celebration show, have a look at the Wedding and Celebration Show photo gallery or our Wedding photo gallery for some inspiration.

Shabby Chic Vintage theme










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10.  Hi Donna

Booking that dream venue is one of the first and most important items on your to-do list. With so much wedding planning on your mind, it’s really important to ask the right questions to avoid disappointments and costly surprises later. Venues will often be able to offer you a range of services such as food, drink and music. Book as early as you can to get your preferred date and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or freebies!

Here is a comprehensive list of questions I would ask the venues on behalf of my clients:

  • Does the venue suit your theme? 
  • Is the venue licenced for civil ceremonies?
  • Is it big enough to accommodate all your guests for the seating style you have in mind?
  • Will their in-house wedding co-coordinator be there on the day of your wedding or function?
  • Do they have equipment you can use or will you have to hire tables, chairs, linens, plates, glassware?
  • Can you bring in external caterers?
  • If you are bringing a caterer in, will they have access to a kitchen, power, running water, etc?
  • Does your package include food for both the breakfast tea and the evening reception?
  • If they’ll be supplying the food, are they flexible with their menu choices? Can you make suggestions?     
  • Is there a vegetarian alternative? Can they accommodate special dietary requirements, i.e. allergies or gluten-free etc?
  • Do you need to pay extra to hire the cake stand & knife?
  • Do they have a license to consume alcohol?
  • Can you supply your own alcohol? Is there a corkage fee?  
  • Does your package include – menus, place cards or any centrepieces?

If you would like more suggestions click on the link – The Best questions to ask your Wedding Reception Venue

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9.  Hi Samantha

You are so right, the one thing we can count on with British weather is its unpredictability! But don’t despair, you can definitley still have you outdoor wedding, just need a couple of contingency plans in place!

  1. Make sure your venue has a couple of vehicles that can cart you around, I know of some venues that have golf carts especially put aside for the bride and groom.
  2. I am sure your photographer will be prepared for all circumstances, but if you have family and friends taking on that responsibility, make sure they have a waterproof camera. 
  3. If you want an outdoor experience with the cover, how about opting for a open marquee? One that looks gorgeous but you can see all your beautiful surroundings, a great choice is the Capri party marquee below.

What ever you do, just remember to relax and enjoy yourself, if you do get a little wet, soak in all those little dew drops and sparkle with delight – it will make the most memorable photos for your album.

(below is an example of an open marquee tent)

Marquee tent
(Photo by The Stetch Tent Company)

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8.  Hi Grace

Grace you are not being silly at all! In the past this was not an issue as no one would see any photos until the bride received her album. Today with all the wonders of technology, it is not surprising that you don’t want to be spotted on Facebook before you have even had a chance to reminisce with your professional shots! A great way to avoid Facebook mishaps is to simply include a fun little rhyme in your invite asking your guests to wait till you post your first pic before they post theirs.

Here is an example:

To those who brought cameras,
there’s a special request,
Take plenty of pictures of the worst
and the best,
Don’t forget to email them to us,
After we’ve wed,
If at all possible please do delay,
Sharing the photos on Facebook today,
As we would love to be the first to share ours, We hope that’s ok. xx

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7.  Hi Laura

I think we have just the centrepiece you are looking for ! The illuminated bubble stick is a great centrepiece that adds that WOW factor to any celebration. It is 50cm in height and has a very narrow base of 8cm. The bubble stick stands on a LED base that creates a vareity of colours which can fade in and out or be fixed. And to finish it off, the disc at the top can be personalised with words or numbers, which means it can even double up as a table number. Should definitely achieve the expected fun and wow atmosphere you are hoping for.

Illuminated bubble stick centrepiece











(photo from Essential Wedding Hire)

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6.  Hi Hollie

There are lots of great ways to have fun and create the wow factor for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. As you mentioned she would prefer not to sing or dance, What if she sat in the middle of the room in a royal chair and was serenaded by a singer or entertained by a group of dancers? Or she could be brought in on a flying carpet.

Another great idea, if you are looking for a fun and unique way to get the Mitzvah party started… how about filling up a huge balloon with confetti and having the birthday girl popping out ? It is completely safe.

Click on the link to view a YouTube video of the plan in action –

Balloon entrance









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5.  Hi Diana

1 month to go … very exciting! Glad to hear that your wedding plans are well under way and you are not feeling stressful.

Your wedding speech is such a special part of your day. It is an opportunity for you to share with your guests “your highlights”, what brought the two of you together, why you fell in love and make everyone feel a part of this special occasion.

My suggestion are:

  • Place all your thoughts on paper, including those funny moments you would like to share.
  • Write down a couple of jokes about some of the guests, those funny moments you shared together.
  • Don’t forget those special people you want to thank!
  • Once you have a list of ideas a great way to bring them together would be to spend a couple of hours with a Wedding Speech Coach who can help refine the speech and help you with presenting it on the day.
  • I have included a link to a blog I have written called “What to expect when meeting with “The Wedding Coach” and how they can help add a bit of magic to your wedding speech … here is the link – What to expect when speaking to “The Wedding Coach”

Most importantly, just have fun and enjoy every moment !

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4.  Hi Hannah

I love the idea of taking an empty canvass and creating your own bit of magic … When you use a venue like a hotel it is sometimes harder to create your own theme because they have so many pieces of their own decor in the room that you need to work around, but not in a hall !  The cost of draping a room all depends on the width and height of the room. To help with an estimate, if you are draping 3 walls in a room which is approximitely 27m x 14m in size, you could expect to pay around £1,500.

There are so many different choices but my favourite would be to have two sides draped with white or cream fabric and then combine that with uplighters to set the mood. For the third wall in the back of the room, I would suggest draping that with a fairy light curtain. That could be behind the main table. By using this combination you have created a gorgeous atmosphere and a wow factor as people walk into the room. Other ways to make the room breathaking can be created with a ceiling canopy, textured lighting on the walls, a startlight dancefloor or fairy lights. Even adding a couple of props around the room can really help create the theme you have chosen.  The ideas are endless, it all depends on the budget.

Award ceremony themed Bat Mitzvah  Ceiling canopy at wedding

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3.  Hi Linzie

I am really glad to hear you are planning ahead for your wedding and preparing for everything. In addition to the list below, I would like to recommend that you also find someone to oversee your wedding. Someone who is not in the retenue but has a good idea of the venue, staff and your family so that they can help you out as you don’t want to have to deal with any stressful
situations on your weding day.

I’m sure you have thought of the usual things to include (toiletries, and extra make-up) so here are some suggestions of things you might have forgotten to include:

  • A sewing kit for tears in clothing and a stapler for bigger tears
  • Clear nail polish to stop runs in stockings
  • White chalk to remove stains on your wedding dress and a black marker pen to take scuffs off shoes
  • A snack (crackers or a granola bar) as you might not get to eat until late in the day
  • Medicine like pain killers or Non drowsy allergy pills       
  • Tweezers for removing splinters

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2.  Hi Debbie

You are not alone and should not need to feel overwhelmed or stressed when organising your wedding, it is suppose to be the best time of your life! A wedding planner is there to make your special day just as you always hoped it would be, leaving nothing to chance and no detail forgotten. They are there to help create the celebration of your dreams and are the experts in spotting and stopping disasters before they happen.

You will have one person to turn to with a range of expertise in all the areas of wedding planning and can guide you through a bewildering array of choices, saving you valuable time & money, reducing your stress and most of all making sure you have the most memorable and exciting day!

The aim is to keep you within your budget and ensuring they only recommend the best suppliers giving you peace of mind that you are getting first class value and service.

Top 8 reasons to have a wedding planner or event organiser:

  1. One point of call for all your requirements.
  2. Flexible meeting arrangements that fit in with your busy lifestyle.
  3. We inspire you, sharing the wealth of our knowledge and design expertise to support you in creating a chic function.
  4. Saving you time with all the pre-function research (on venues, suppliers and scheduling of appointments).
  5. Access to our approved list of quality vetted suppliers.
  6. Negotiating discounts on your behalf to ensure you get the most out of your budget.
  7. Mediation – we can act as a negotiator within any given situation.
  8. Support and direction at all times during the planning process and coordinating everyone involved on the day for a smooth, stress free perfect celebration.

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1.  Hi Daisy

Weddings are such an expensive celebration but you don’t have to worry there are definitely ways to help you stick to your budget! I am really glad to hear that you are planning to get creative and DIY the more expensive parts of your wedding.

The most important step in your wedding planning, would be your budget. Here are some tips to help you stick to your budget:

  1. Write down a list of all the different requirements for the overall wedding (i.e.photographer, centrepieces, dress, catering, DJ, cake, etc) To help with that you can download our wedding checklist (click here) 
  2. On the top of your list write the total amount you have to spend and then estimate what you think you would spend on each item, to make sure it all fits in. (As a guide – You should be spending half of your budget on the venue & catering and divide what is left over on all the other items)
  3. Stationery – have you explored or ? These two sites are really good if you are considering the DIY route for digital invitations, that don’t cost a lot to print or visit Hobbycraft, they have a great range of pre-cut wedding stationery to choose from.
  4. Decor/centrepieces – hire vases, mirrors, tea light candles at very reasonable prices or get some great bargans at Poundland and Tiger. Start to collect early on so you have enough for the big day.
  5. Wedding planners usually have access to vases, mirrors, tea lights, etc, so ask them for a quote. They can deliver the items to your venue or home. (Alternatively have a surf on google and Pinterest, there are so many great ideas to explore)
  6. A great suggestion to keep costs down is to use the bridal bouquets as the centrepieces for the main table. Try to reuse as many of your floral arrangements as possible. Take flowers from the ceremony to decorate the buffet table.
  7. Negotiating with suppliers/venues – choose a date which is not peak season, a week day is always cheaper then weekends.
  8. Never accept the first quote a supplier gives you, they always leave room for negotiations.
  9. Consider opting for the basic package, most suppliers would not offer it if they don’t think it will be suitable to still have an amazing function. For example if a DJ brings 4 lights instead of 6, that is a reduction in cost, but not really noticeable on the night.
  10. Try to use one supplier for a variety of items because they will be more negotiable on price and there will only be one delivery/set-up charge (or none).

I hope the suggestions above will help to keep to your budget. Most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment.

Weddings are only meant to happen once in a lifetime and you need to smile from start to finish !

Top Tips

If you are looking for ideas for your wedding or celebration then make sure to have a look through the suggestions below. This is a list of a variety of entertainers, party ideas and favors/gifts that I have found over the years which I thought are great and worth recommending.

If you would like more information, to check availability or find out about pricing, please do get in touch either by email or call 020 8905 2908.

Happy Exploring !


Teeny tiny money boxAdorable Money Box

A beautiful christening gift for a girl or boy – a beautiful bone china money box so they can start saving those pennies! The money box’s can be personalised with the child’s name on the front and 4 lines of text on the back, a lovely gift to be treasured.



baby showerBaby Showers

Baby Showers have always been popular over in the States but over recent years, more and more expectant mums in the UK are throwing a Baby Shower. It’s customary to bring along a gift so if you need some inspiration there are some lovely ideas here. I wish someone would have made me home cooked meals for a week, what a great idea!


Bat Mitzvah Candle LightingBat Mitzvah Ideas

I love using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  It helps me with deciding what to create for my clients. Like this personalised Bat Mitzvah candle lighting menorah which we can now do in-house. You can find fantastic, creative Bat Mizvah ideas for decoration, dresses, invites, cakes and more. Here is a link to one of my favourite page on Pinterest.


Bead Bar

All girls love jewellery! A bead bar is a great way to get your guests involved and getting creative at your event. You can have a table laid out with beads in lots of beautiful colours, ready to be handmade into necklaces and bracelets. Perfect for a hen party or Batmitzvah, a bead bar is a great choice when looking for unique entertainment. The creations also double up as a party favour!


Chocolate bar invites or place cardsBespoke Chocolate Invitations or Place Cards

A fun take on chocolate party favours and invites that can feature any image or personal message to special family members or guests. The best part is that each chocolate card is designed around you and can be posted like any traditional invitation and with a slab of the high quality Belgian milk chocolate included, it’s such a sweet and novel way to draw your friends and family to the celebration, or to just say ‘thank you’ to your chosen guests.


Bespoke Background Photo from PhotoboothBespoke Photobooths at your Celebration

Photo booths add an amazingly fun element to any party as well as providing long lasting memories for guests with the photos they take away. Did you know you could have a bespoke package that includes branding your photo booth, theming the background of your photos to match the theme of your party, mitzvah or wedding and even end up with key rings or a photo book for guests to sign.


Cake topper copies of the Bride and GroomCake Toppers that look just like YOU

Make your wedding cake even more memorable with a special touch which can also be kept as a life long souveniour of your special day. Create perfect replicas of yourselves for your wedding cake that will wow your guests.



Celebration or Wedding Cocktail barCelebration Cocktail Bar

Add a splash of elegence to your next party with this exquisite cocktail bar. Order the full cocktail service package, including all drinks and ingriedients, a stunning mobile bar and experienced cocktail bartenders and get the bar hire for free.



Chocolate Shawarma Kebabs

How delicious does this chocolate shawarma look? Delight your guests with parev milk and white chocolate in a soft crepe, topped with sweets and sauces of your choice! We can arrange for the kiosk to be at your party, as part of a sweet station or on it’s own.



Bespoke Christmas presentsChristmas Themed Pressies

Here is a great idea for stocking fillers or little gift bags at your Christmas themed party. Many designs available and filled with a variety of sweets and chocolates. To find out more about designs and pricing, make sure to get in touch.



Catwalk runway partyCatwalk Runway Themed sweet 16 Party / Batmitzvah

Imagine celebrity red carpet with gorgeous backdrop enhanced with music and flashing lights, the scene is created for each guest to strut down the catwalk to your DJ’s music. Let the teenager fashion show begin. Kids have fun rocking the runway, posing dancing and strutting their stuff on the red carpet. The girls will simply love it.


Cupcake necklaceCupcake with Glittered Sprinkles Necklace

These are one of my most favourite finds. If you have a daughter who loves candy or planning a Candyland themed celebration, these glittered cupcake necklaces would make the perfect gift. You can even combine with sweet shaped earings. Have a look at the other items listed below.


Cupcake Bouquet

We know what you’re thinking – this is a pretty flower bouquet, right? Wrong! It’s a beautiful bouquet made up of tasty cupcakes. These make a great gift for someone special in your life, especially for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day. You can personalise them by choosing the flavour of the cakes and colour of the icing.


Edible Mist Orb

These exciting desserts will be a real show stopper at a science themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah and there’s a choice of 200 flavours. We even have some Kosher flavours available! The machines create an inhalable micro mist which you suck up through a straw to get an instant zero calorie flavour hit.


Lolly Sweet TreeEdible Sweet Trees

Love these sweet trees which would be a perfect centrepiece with a difference for any occasion! Tailor made to suit your occasion or theme, these stunning trees are perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Baby Showers, Corporate Events and Award Ceremonies. The best bit is, the entire tree is edible, including the glitter!


Edible Gin Pastilles

Something for the adults! Pastille sweets flavoured with gin for a taste sensation – great for stag and hen parties, weddings and birthday celebrations. Your guests will enjoy sampling all the different flavours of gin in a new and exciting way!



Egg Explohen partysion!

I love using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  Look at these fantastic, creative Hen and Stag do ideas for decoration, fancy dress, invites, favours, gifts and more:



Fascinators and TiarasFascinators and Tiaras

Did you know you could have your fascinators or tiaras made bespoke for your wedding. You can choose the broache, diamonds, feathers, netting and even the colour scheme. Get in touch with your special requirments and let us create something magical !



Favour Sweet Tree Favor Sweet Trees

The Favour Sweet Tree stands proudly in the centre of your table, gorgeously decorated with your colour scheme, little themed ornaments and fairy light roses. A variety of favours of your choice will delicately hang from the branches which the guests can take home at the end of the function.


Sweet WheelFerris Wheel with Sweet Sensation

What a magical idea to have at your wedding or celebration. Each level of the ferris wheel can be layered with sweets, chocolates, marshmallows… sky is the limit. The package includes favour bags, tongs and scoop. Definitely adds the wow factor to your function!



Floating cloud effect on dance floorFloating Cloud Dance Floor Effect

If you want to feel like you are floating on a cloud make sure to incorporate a dry ice or low smoke machine for your dance floor with your DJ. This can create the most magical feeling on the day and is not an expensive add on. To really make that first dance extra special, you can also incorporate a confetti cannon (usually offered as part of a DJ’s package)


Flower Party for a Hen NightFlower Party

Why not hold a ‘Flower Party’ ? A unique and original workshop. Let Anita bring all her expertise and top tips, along with all the flowers, materials and scissors to your home or venue and give your friends a wonderful evening of ‘Floral Fun’ and create a stunning arrangement to wow your friends and family. All you have to do is invite your guests and everything else is done for you. Brilliant for Hen parties, Special birthdays and Fund raising events. For more info on prices and availability call 020 8905 2908.

Gin Cocktail Bar

Have you ever tried a cocktail that changes colour and flavour? Well now you can! Your guests will be delighted by the bright colours and exciting flavours in each gin cocktail. Make the cocktail bar the focal point of your event, maybe even with a bartender to show off some tricks!


Glass DPersonalised Glass Trophyiamond Award

If you are organising a themed Award celebration, running a company incentive scheme or have an annual fundraiser, here is a beautiful elegant diamond cut glass trophy you can give out at your award ceremony. This trophy can be engraved and is available in a variety of sizes. To find out about pricing and availability, give us a call on 020 8905 2908.


Dainty Elegant NecklacesGold and Silver Dainty Elegant Necklaces

These beautiful dainty shimmering necklaces with little beads are available in gold and silver to create the perfect finishing touch to a bridesmaids dress or as a gift. The designer is also available to make more bespoke creations, so if you would prefer in a different colour, just let us know!


Heel Covers

Are you having an outdoor wedding? These clever covers will stop your guests getting that sinking feeling as they enjoy your special day. Choose from a variety of colours and designs to compliment your occasion.



Hollywood theme clapboard place card holdersHollywood Themed Clipboard Place Card Holders

Your guests will feel like they’ve walked the red carpet when they see their seating assignments displayed on these unique movie themed place card holders. Made to resemble the classic movie clipboard, each place card holder has a solid base with a wire cardholder extending from its top. Sold with matching movie themed placecards included (as shown in image), these favors really give you the chance to give your guests top billing. To find out about pricing and availablity, give us a call on 020 8905 2908.


Ice Cream Taxi

What fun to have this converted taxi cab ice cream van at your Simcha!! Guaranteed to be a hit with all your ice cream loving guests.



pan-n-iceIce Cream on the spot

Do you want something different for dessert at your event? Instead of a regular ice cream stand, you can have ice cream made in front of your eyes! Stand back and watch whilst your ice cream is made into rolls using a tray frozen to -30°. Bring a slice of summer to any event and enjoy the refreshing taste of ice cream all year round!


Magician or IllusionistIllusionist (Entertainer)

An illusionist’s performance will astound, amaze, entertain and leave your guests wanting more! Through sleight of hand and misdirection, either on stage performing grand illusions, or close up for smaller groups you will have the perfect event that all your guests will reminisce over for years to come. This type of entertainment would be a great asset at any celebration.


Instant Personalised Gifts

Having personalised gifts for your guests is always a great idea. It adds a personal touch to goody bags or party favours, ensuring everyone has a reminder of your special day. These personalised gifts are made right  in front of your eyes! Photos taken on the night are transferred instantly onto your choice of a phone case, set of cuff links, photo frame or key ring. 


Kat Collett Hula Hooper (Entertainer)

If you’re looking for unique and unusual entertainment, look no further! Kat is an experienced hula hooper and circus performer, providing the perfect family-friendly entertainment for any occasion. Her eye-catching costumes coupled with the spectacle of her performances make her an act you don’t want to miss. Her performances include multiple hula hooping, fire eating and pyrotechnics. There’s something for everyone!


Large VaLarge glass vase with floating gerberasse with Floating Gerberas

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant centrepiece for your wedding reception. Why not use a large brandy glass filled with water and a couple of floating gerberas. This centrepiece can be offered in a variety of colours and if you would like to add something extra, how about some gem stones at the bottom of the vase. To finish off the arrangement you could place it on a mirror with tea light candles and a sprinkle of diamante.


LED_CandyFloss02LED Candy Floss

Why not have cool and funky LED colour changing Candy Floss Stand which will enhance any room and give any party that extra special glow.  You can add even more glow with our LED colour changing glow in the dark Candy Floss Sticks. These are great for UV discos and compliment the colour changing stands.


LED Casino Table

An exciting and eye-catching centrepiece for any event, a LED casino table complements a Hollywood or Casino themed party perfectly! Placed in the centre of your function room, the casino table will delight your guests and they won’t be able to resist joining in. The LED lights can be tailored to match your colour scheme and make an impressive backdrop for photographs!


Little BLittle bag of happinessag of Happiness

What a lovely idea!  A little bag of happiness, perfect for The Happy Couple’s guests!  A PLASTER to heal you when you hurt, a LOVE HEART so you know someone loves you, STRING to hold it together in tough times, a RUBBER to erase those little mistakes you make, a DIAMOND to bring a sparkle to your eye, a MARBLE for when you start losing yours, a LUCKY BEAN so you always have luck on your side, a COIN so you are never completely broke, a STAR to wish all your wishes upon, a PAPERCLIP so you are always organised, and a KISS for when you are feeling down.


Valentines day ideaLove Themed Centrepieces

One for the girls – We all know how girls love “Love”, so for your 2016 / 2017 Batmitzvah or perhaps you are getting married. – why not choose a “Love/ Valentines” theme. The possibilities are endless. Here at Dash of Sparkle we are here to help – so if you have an upcoming simcha and need some ideas for your “love” themed night, or any other theme that needs our help, this is what we do best.


mothers day giftLooking for a unique Mother’s Day gift?

Mothers Day is always a day to celebrate. Here are a few ideas for something other than the usual boring old flowers and chocolates!  What’s the nicest Mothers’ Day gift you ever received?



Magnetic PhotosMagnetic Wall of Photos

What a great idea to combine professional photgraphy, graphic design and favours at your celebration. Have special moments of your guests caught on camera at your function! These photos are then printed onto a magnetic and given to your guests to take home! If your venue is too small for a photo booth, not an issue here! No longer are you tied down to a corner area of the room, your whole function has become an opportunity for catching those memorable moments.


Scrable proposalMake Use of Scrabble Pieces on your Special Day!

I love how the use of boring old scrabble tiles can look so effortlessly cool and vintage!  Have a look at some of these ideas, so simple yet so effective.  I love their use as a proposal idea or as table place names for a party!


Mr & Mrs Cake PopsMr & Mrs Cake Pop

This is a fun little favour to include on your guests table. The Mr & Mrs Cake Pop can be filled with what ever you like. Cake pops can be created in a variety of colours, shapes and designs. Perfect for any function. You could use them for halloween, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. They are bite size and delicious!


real-nail-polish-stickersNail Polish Stickers

All ladies know how annoying it is when your nail polish smudges, especially when it’s a special event! Why not try nail polish stickers instead? They are 100% real nail polish and last two weeks. They are applied quickly and easily by sticking directly onto your nails. The base, colour and top coat are all in one, so you don’t have to wait ages to achieve the perfect look. They would make a great gift for bridesmaids or for a girls Batmitzvah.


Bridal CandlesticksPair of Bridal Candlesticks

What a gorgeous gift to give the happy couple, something they can use and enjoy for years to come or proudly display on their mantlepiece. Gold/Pewter candlesticks with Swarovski crystal. All the way from America.



Hot Stone Massage, Pamper PartyPamper Parties

Pamper the night away with a group of friends, enjoying a variety of great relaxing spa treatments in the comfort of your home. This lovely package includes – Mini massage , Manicure/Pedicure, Spray tanning, Facials, (other entertainment can also be arranged – dance class, karaoke, fortune telling)


Bar-Bat MitzvahParty Flip Flops

Keep your guests dancing the night away in comfort with fabulous wedding flip flops. We all know how nice it is to kick your heels off at the end of a night so why not give your friends and families feet a treat and keep the dance floor alive a little longer.



Sweet cone bagsParty Bags

Look at these beautiful children’s party bags, handmade from designer prints, they come tied with ribbon and a tag to say thank you – really reasonably priced too!  You could even use them as an alternative to say thank you to family for gifts received, just put a couple of chocolates inside!



party posterParty Poster

What a great idea for the downstairs loo! Just fill in the central placard with a theme such as ‘My New Years Resolutions….’, ‘Secrets for a happy marriage…’ or ‘Things you should’ve done by 40…’ and let your guests get creative.  Could be a fun idea for a team building event or to hang in a venue reception area at your wedding!


Graphology as entertainment at a partyParty with a Difference

If you are looking for a party idea but want something unique, how about … A combination of activities in your home or chosen venue – here are some ideas you can consider – Graphology (handwriting analysis), Tarrot Reading, Glitter or Hena Tattoos. Caricatures or Silhoutte cutting, Topped off with a variety of pamper treatments. To create your bespoke party package, give us a call on 020 8905 2908.


Chocolate lollypop shaped place cards/favorsPersonalised Chocolate Lollypop Place Cards

Handmade with luxury Belgian chocolate. Available in milk, white or dark. Your guests name on the front and personalised message on the reverse. Height including stick 16cm, diameter of lolly 7.5cm. Available in all metallic colours.



Personalised Family Sayings PrintsPersonalised Family Sayings Prints

These personalised Family Sayings Prints would make a great gift for a special family for just about any occasion, from birthdays to christenings, anniversaries and moving home. Just provide a list of words and sayings which mean something to the family and they will be arranged on this beautiful wooden frame. A lovely gift with a personal touch.


Decorated GlassesPersonalised Glasses/Favors

This is a great idea to use at a wedding or celebration. Each glass can have a image or special message or logo drawn on the glass. The ink is safe and permanent so they can drink out of it and it can double up as a gift the guests get to take home.



Personalised rosesPersonalised Rose

Looking for a gift that will always be remembered? Say it with a personalised rose. An exciting new product available in 4 different colours and a huge variety of messages to choose from. You could use this as place cards or favours for your guests or if you have not actually proposed yet, what a special way to pop the question!


Personalised seed packetsPersonalised Seed Packets

Love the idea of seed packet favours, something your guests can keep and remember your special day by. These rustic and traditional seed packets can be personalised and would look fantastic on your wedding tables.



Personalised Tattoo Stencil

Create a fun activity for your child’s Bar/Batmitzvah with personalised tattoo stencils! These aren’t ordinary stick-on tattoos, they are made of glitter and personalised with your child’s name. They can choose from a variety of colours and designs to match their party outfit! 




Personalised Sweet Jars

Are you thinking of having a themed event or party.  This could be a great little extra to add to a Murder mystery theme. Sweety cones, bags, wedding favours for all your event/party needs. All of which can be made with the hosts name and can be filled with a variety of delicious delights.


themed-photobooth-outside-croppedPhotobooth for 20+ People

When you have a photobooth at your event, you know everyone will be excited to use it. Say goodbye to queues of guests waiting for their turn – now you can hire a photobooth with enough room for 20+ people! Get snap happy and take away a souvenir of your special event.


Rose with place cardPorcelain White Roses (place card)

Wouldn’t this just make the most beautiful finish to your wedding table. A white porcelain rose with a delicate place card. On the front the guests name, on the back a specially worded message or poem. Each guest can take their gorgeous rose home as a momento of your special day. Alternatively this could also make the perfect gift with a special message for a special friend.


Pucker powderPucker Powder

Pucker Powder is only available in Theme Parks and Hamley’s at present. This sherbet dispenser offer’s 12 fun and delightful flavours, such as: sour green apple, pink lemonade and bubblegum. The adults will have just as much fun as the kids and you can even make your own tube of sherbet and take it home at the end of the night! And to top it all off, its Kosher!


Sandy Candy Bar

We all know that kids love candy! For a Bar/Batmitzvah, sandy candy is a great alternative to a traditional sweet station. Kids of all ages will love choosing their favourite colour candy and using funnels to fill fun candy necklaces. The great thing about sandy candy is that it’s easy to mix up into multicoloured creations, looking like sand but tasting like sweets!


Shopping Themed Seating CardsSeating Cards with a Difference

Theme your seating cards with a dash of sparkle. For example if you have a shopping theme, you could make little shopping bags personalised with your colour scheme and the guests name. Your imagination is your only limit, choose a style and we will make it.



Paintball Stag PartyStag and Hen Weekends

Looking for ideas for a stag or hen weekend? What about this fun stag package which includes – Paintballing, lunch, a 2 course dinner, entry to a gents club, VIP entry into a nightclub and 1 night accommodation. To find out more make sure to get in touch!



Showgirls London (Entertainer)

Showgirls London is fast becoming the UK’s finest provider of bespoke entertainment. They offer leading Showgirls in beautiful costumes topped off with outstanding choreography that will bring class, elegance and above all glamorous sophistication to your event. The girls can dress in a variety of costumes to complement your theme, including bunny girls, Great Gatsby, Las Vegas, Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!


imgl5149Stand-up Place Cards

Place cards are a great personal touch at any event. Not only do they let your guests know where they’re sitting, they also add an interesting element to the table decorations, especially if you go for a unique design. You can choose any design or colour you’d like to match your theme, like these cards that accompany the hip-hop theme!


Sweet buffet Sweetie Buffet

A Sweetie Buffet is the new alternative to a chocolate fountain – but without the mess. Your Sweetie Buffet can have up to 20 varieties of sweets and we have over 50 to choose from. (lollypops, bon bons, candy canes, flying saucers, cotton candy trees, chocolate balls and many more). Your buffet station will include glassware, serving tongs, scoops, paper bags and table dressing to match your colour scheme. You can even have an LED light base.


Sweet shaped ear ringsSweet Shaped Earrings

Such a sweet idea to give as a gift for a daughter/friend who loves candy. Especially if they are having a Candyland themed Bat Mitzvah. Have a look at the top tip above, you can create a set by combining the glittered cupcake necklace with these gorgeous earrings.



Sweet Tree HeartSweet Tree Heart

What more could you want then this romantic centrepiece on your buffet table? A gorgeous white shaped heart arrangement displaying a delicious selection of treats! Take your pick… Ferrero Rocher chocolates or a variety of sweets… sky is the limit.



Tears of Joy

Something for the ladies….compliment your Kippot gift for the men with a pack of tissues for the ladies. Embrace your tears of joy and discreetly cope with inevitable running mascara that follows!


Themed Crazy Golf (Entertainment)

Are you looking for a unique entertainment idea? We all know that kids love games at a party, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different than the usual selfie mirror! Why not have a personalised crazy golf course instead? You can choose a themed one, like this amazing nautical course, or a course shaped like the kids initials!


Treasure Hunt Idea

For a fun, interactive party, why not have a treasure hunt at your home? Perfect for kids and adults alike, you can choose from a variety of themes such as Halloween Horror or Pirates. You’ll have everything you need included, so you can set up the hunt yourself and watch the fun unfold!



Unique Party Cake - Mouse in a Teapot

Unique Party Cakes

Don’t settle for the standard party cakes available at Tesco. We can create your heart’s desire and it will taste exquisite! The photo to the left, is a little taste of how we can take a simple idea and give it the wow factor – Little Mouse in a Tea Pot. Get in touch to create your special cake.


UV Tattoo Booth

How amazing does this look? Not only does your child get their very own tattoo booth, but it’s personalised with their name! This station will look great at any occasion, with a choice of colours to match your theme. Guests can have their UV tattoos done throughout the evening, ready to show them off on the dance floor!  The personalised sign can be kept as a momento of your child’s special event.


UV Glitter Graffiti Hair Tattoos

We all know how much kids love glitter tattoos! These amazing UV glitter graffiti hair tattoos go one step further, decorating the hair with beautiful designs of their choice. They are the perfect fun activity for birthday parties and Bar/Batmitzvahs. Available in a variety of colours and designs, these are sure to be popular at your next event!



Video Boo12084206_1052180608156472_1461914713_nth

Video booth – This is our Interactive Photo Studio. The Guests are immersed into a short (approx. 20 second video of their choice) that they act to. They then receive a photo that they can then scan with their phone or IPAD etc and watch the video come to life. Unlimited gos and prints within the time period chosen.


video-floor-fish-walkway-1-e1461981442483Video Dance Floor

Why have a standard dance floor when you can have an interactive one that supports photos and videos? Your guests will be amazed by the showstopping colours and lighting under their feet as they dance the night away. You can go one step further and have your dance floor personalised with a photo or video of you and your loved ones. Video dance floors add a unique touch that you’ll remember for years to come. 


Virtual Gaming

The perfect party entertainment suitable for a range of ages and group sizes. Virtual reality is an immersive experience bringing the latest technology and rarely seen in the UK. Availabile for hire for use in birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, launches and much more. Included in the package is use of a number of machines, VR goggles, an operator and 3 hours of use. Create your own tailor made package.


Swimming dancersWater Dance Performers

Does your party venue have a swimming pool? Well do we have the perfect entertainment for you ! 5 gorgeous professional dancers making use of your pool for their show. Get in touch to find out more.



Wish jarsWish Jars

To add something personal on your wedding table, why not include a little wish jar with personalised notlets and pens. So that all your guests can write you special messages you can incorporate in your guest book or photo album. Creating a fun activity for your guests which you will be able to cherish for years to come after your wedding day.


Wedding centrepiece with real fishWedding Centrepiece with a real Fish and Pebbles

If you want something different that will entertain your guests, while still maintaining that elegant feel why not have a centrepiece with floating candles, a little fish and pebbles at the bottom. You can choose what kind of vase you would like and even the type of fish!



Wedding Photo TreeWedding Photo Tree

Display your photos in a whole new way with a gorgeous Wedding Photo Tree. It could be a great way to entice your wedding guests to write messages for you at your wedding and become a lovely momento for after your wedding to display your wedding photos (the display holds up to 18 photos and is extremely easy to use). Simply clip the photos you want and unclip your old ones when you want a fresh look. Easy to assemble and ready to use in minutes. Create a display that you can be proud of!


Waffles on a stickWaffle on a Stick

What a great fun addition to any party! 5 golden waffles made every 2 minutes, can you just imagine the delicious smells floating around the room. Enjoy with a range of sauces and ice cream flavours. Or you can even add to the fun combination with popcorn, candyfloss machines or a chocolate fountain. To find out about pricing and availability, give us a call on 020 8905 2908.


Your first danceYour First Dance…

That all important wedding first dance, can you remember yours? Here are some of the most popular first dance songs of all time.


The Wren Suite, London

The Wren Suite is an impressive space located inside the five-star Grange St Paul’s Hotel in Central London. On the lower ground floor, the space is quiet and private, separate from the rest of the hotel. The grand entrance to the suite is breathtaking, through large double doors. The high ceilings, vast space and modern features scream luxury, ideal for dinner dances, conferences, product launches and gala dinners. 

The largest suite can accommodate up to 900 people, depending on how the room is set out. There are partitions available to turn the Wren Suite into the smaller Nelson and Dickens suites, or use the adjoining Shakespeare suite to accommodate even larger events, up to 1,200 people!Read More

Discover the thrill of a roller coaster themed celebration

Bar/Batmitzvah’s, proms and milestone birthdays are a big occasion and they happen all year round, making it so much harder to choose a unique theme that hasn’t been done before!

That’s where we can help. Do you love that exhilarating feeling when visiting a theme park and flying high on those roller coasters? We can create that sort of excitement at your celebration with a thrilling roller coaster theme.Read More

Loft Studios

A classic studio complex in West London, Loft Studios is a unique ‘blank canvas’ venue. Featuring natural brickwork, exposed beams and wooden floors, that contrast beautifully with the modern skylights, high ceilings and large windows. A space full of light, ideal for both day and night time events, Loft Studios offers the choice of 5 interlinking rooms and 2 large courtyards to hire.

With such a fresh, clean feel, this venue is ideal for themed events. With so many stunning rooms to choose from, you have the option of having dinner in one room and the party in the other, or welcome drinks in one and a dinner dance in the other – a maximum of 145 people seated. The close proximity between rooms makes Loft Studios a perfect place to celebrate, especially if you’ve got a large number of guests. 

If you’re planning a Bar/Batmitzvah, the venue accepts Kosher caterers. We think Loft Studios is a great setting for a themed party!

To find out more or to arrange a viewing, give us a call on 07877 927 246 or email



Lords Cricket Ground

Lords Cricket Ground is not only the at the heart of London, but also the world of cricket. Such an iconic venue for sports, it may not be the obvious choice for private events. But hiding behind the pitch is a luxurious event space called the Thomas Lord Suite.

Overlooking the pavilion and beautiful gardens, the suite boasts lots of natural daylight and an open plan setting. Whether you’re planning a private event or a corporate function, Lords has that special touch that sets it apart from other Central London venues.Read More

Bushey Arena, Bushey

Bushey Arena is a state of the art, multi-use venue in the heart of Bushey. With the choice of two stunning function rooms, perfect for weddings, bar/batmitzvahs, proms or Christmas parties, this venue is sure to suit your theme, whatever that may be!

For a fun Harry Potter theme, The Grand Hall is the ideal space. The high ceilings, beams and beautiful chandeliers set the scene before you even make a start with props, centrepieces or lighting. Perfect for a Bar/Batmitzvah, the kids could be seated on long tables just like the cast from the films!

Accommodating up to 300 people banquet style, 620 theatre style or 800 standing, you won’t be short of space. The Great Hall is a fully self contained venue, with access via a separate entrance looking out onto pretty parkland.

If you prefer a more modern, funky look, The Atrium is a bright and inviting space for a variety of parties and corporate events.

With seating and a cafe area for up to 400 people, a more relaxed cocktail party or lunch can be held here. Bushey Arena accept Kosher caterers to suit your requirements.

If hired for an evening event, the high ceilings and skylight create a contemporary feel suitable for a nightclub theme.

Bushey Arena has parking for 100 cars, is surrounded by parkland, and is within easy reach of London, Watford and Bushey. To find out more about availability, pricing or to arrange a viewing, give us a call on 07877 927 246.