Club Ten, London

Club Ten is an exciting and unique London venue located right next to the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. Unlike other central London venues, Club Ten is three floors below street level, creating the perfect private space for your event. 

If you love all-things-modern, this is the venue for you. With low ceilings, spotlights and futuristic furniture, the funky atmosphere is ideal for Bar/Batmitzvahs, milestone birthdays and hen/stag dos.Read More

Your Event: Disaster or Triumph?

We’d like to paint you a picture – an event with and without an event planner. Imagining how it’ll all turn out is part of the excitement leading up to your event! But what if this special time is filled with worry and stress instead of fun and anticipation? Arranging everything yourself from flowers to catering can be demanding and time-consuming. An event planner doesn’t just take control of organising these important elements, they also act as the go-to person for any pre-event issues and questions you have.

This month, rather than tell you how we can help you, we’re going to show you instead!Read More

Discover your inner Carrie Bradshaw with a Sex and the City theme

“When life gets this confusing, there is only one thing to do: attend a fabulous party.” – Sex and the City

Entering your 40s is a great reason to celebrate! Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda remind us all that you can look and feel fabulous no matter how old you are. The Sex and the City girls certainly know how to party, especially when it comes to birthdays! Our latest theme has been inspired by the sexy, fun and luxurious lifestyle they lead.Read More

How to have a fun and fabulous Hawaiian Party

Imagine bringing a bit of Hawaiian magic to the UK. From palm trees to colourful floral leis and coconuts, wouldn’t that just be the most fun setting for your special birthday, Bar/Batmitzvah, prom or romantic wedding.

A Hawaiian theme is one of our favourites at Dash of Sparkle – our team have so much fun transforming a venue from a blank canvas into a bright, inviting room for the guest of honour and the guests to enjoy. A theme isn’t just about pretty decorations, it’s about creating an experience that screams Hawaiian from start to finish. It’s definitely preferable for summer events when the weather is likely to be warmer, but not essential. Whether you enjoy welcome drinks in the sun or cosied up inside, we’ll bring Hawaii to you!Read More

Unique entertainment ideas for an event without a DJ

We’re all familiar with the lively and fun atmosphere created by a DJ – they get everyone involved and there’s plenty of dancing and fun created with all the interactive novelties! But what if you don’t want a DJ at your event? This could be for many reasons such as preferring to have a daytime event, your child isn’t a fan of dancing, loud music or you are on a tight budget. Whatever the reason is, we can help you create a fun and unforgettable celebration without a DJ!Read More

Dash of Sparkle’s guide to asking the right questions at a venue visit

Amongst the excitement, nerves and anticipation leading up to your event, there may be questions you forget to ask at the most important time – your venue visits! It’s normal to feel in awe at a beautiful venue and look at the gorgeous décor, gardens and function rooms, it can even feel overwhelming when there’s so much to take in and without experience, it isn’t easy to know what to ask. At Dash of Sparkle, we want to make sure you don’t miss a trick.Read More

You’ve got your orchestra, now to find the perfect conductor!

When you look at an orchestra, you’ll see talented violinists, drummers and pianists, all ready to give the performance of their lives. They have practised, perfected their part and shown up for the big day. But as talented as they are with their individual instruments, they won’t be able to create a magical breath-taking experience without the help of a conductor to bring it all together. To deliver an emotionally and physically phenomenal performance, the conductor is the most important part of any orchestra – they look after everyone and oversee the performance from start to finish.Read More

Explore the possibilities with our free venue finding service

The exciting part has happened and you’ve started to brainstorm ideas for your event. You may have already got a colour scheme, guest list and planned an outfit, but what happens when it comes to the venue? Maybe you haven’t even started looking yet, or you may have trawled around several venues but none of them ticked all your boxes. On paper, it might seem straight forward to choose a venue as usually the first thing to consider is location. As the planning progresses, you’ll quickly realise that it’s about way more than that. If you don’t feel the venue has the wow-factor, it can be frustrating and disheartening.Read More

The Connaught Rooms

The Connaught is a stunning 5-star hotel located in London’s prestigious Mayfair. A beautiful, modern venue perfect for a variety of events from corporate meetings to weddings, the Connaught’s many function rooms are sure to impress. The elegant decor and top-of-the-range furniture bring a truly contemporary feel, suitable for both large events and more intimate occasions. 

The ideal central London location, The Connaught has some of the most grand function rooms on offer, redesigned to include the brand new Mayfair ballroom. There is a choice of 9 function rooms, accommodating up to 200 guests. 

Read More

The Steel Yard, London

A brand new space in the heart of London, the Steel Yard is ideal if you’re looking for a modern venue with a cosmopolitan feel. The high ceilings and impressive lighting provide a luxurious setting for a variety of events. A quirky underground space that comes as a blank canvas, The Steel Yard can be decorated to suit any theme or event. 

The venue features two stunning archways that can be used as a stylish seating area for your guests, or as a walkway to a bar area. This area can also be closed off if you prefer a more intimate setting.Read More