For a party that’s simply out of this world

Whether your Bnei Mitzvah is in to outer space, Sci-Fi books, or Star Wars, we can theme your event with lots of special touches which you and your guests will absolutely love; creating a party atmosphere and making it a night to remember.  For outer space parties, you can have lots of fun with invitations, playing with the wording and design to stay on theme. 

Walk through the wardrobe into Narnia

If you’ve long been a fan of the Narnia books, imagine you and your guests walking through this wardrobe and entering into your very own Narnia-themed celebration… Magical winter wonderlands make a brilliant setting for a Narnia-themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah, prom or wedding. Picture ice-white tables, chairs and linen, illuminated by gently glowing Victorian lamps. Shimmering lights are hung around the ceiling and illuminated spiral ice sculptures make attractive centrepieces for a stunning white and light-filled room.

10 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

The anticipation and excitement leading up to your event can affect the way you make important decisions. When it’s your event, you can become so involved in the planning process that you feel overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on first, or how to keep track of everything.  Often, our clients have a vision of what they want their function room to look like, but aren’t sure how to make it into a reality. Or, they’ve started the initial planning and are shocked at how much there is to do in the time available!  We’ve put together a list of 10 reasons why you could benefit from hiring us as your event planner.

Choosing an event planner for your Casino Royale themed party

Choosing an event planner means that you can relax and enjoy the evening, knowing that the important elements are being taken care of. With the anticipation leading up to the event, inspiration can be hard to find, which is why we’ve got a few ideas to help you along the way. We take themed parties to the next level. Don’t settle for over-used sports or music themes, let us inspire you with a brand new idea for your next event. Kick off the party with a Casino Royale theme!

Interesting Articles

While surfing on Google, Stumble Upon, Twitter and a variety of other locations we come across a variety of interesting articles to do with weddings, parties and corporate events. If it made a great impression, it has made it to our website to be shared with all our members (you can read the article by clicking the link): Happy Exploring !   How you choose to decorate your chuppah for your special day can really symbolise your relationship, home and individual personalities. This website has some fantastic ideas, have a look through for inspiration, don’t you agree – the driftwood chuppah would be perfect for an outdoor wedding or for something a little more rustic than traditional?   Have you thought about how to decorate your wedding aisle yet?  Make a statement not only with flowers, but perhaps shells, pretty filled jars, candles and lanterns. Check out this great website for more inspiration:     If you need some ideas and inspiration for bar/bat-mitzvah gifts, check out this handy guide! A scrapbook of their life in photos and tales, or perhaps a family tree are lovely personal ideas.     Food for thought! Plenty of mouth-watering menu ideas here to serve up at your child’s bar/bat-mitzvah:     Look at these wonderful, unique, custom made ketubah’s, so many lovely ideas of presenting your marriage certificate….what is yours going to look like?       Wedding …

Expert Advice

Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed with your wedding or celebration and just not sure where to turn? Do you have a question to ask and would really love some expert advice but concerned that you will feel obliged to commit to using their service and it may not fit into your budget! Well this is your opportunity to ask all those buring questions without any restraint or concern and get that expert advice you are after! Email (include in the title Expert Advice) and we will reply to your question as soon as we can. (Please note this page gets updated on a monthly basis, so please do return to check if your question has not been replied to yet)   Questions: 19. I get asked by many brides about what other food options they could offer their evening guests, as standard buffets become more and more dated. Here are some great ideas from fish and chip cones to hog roasts – have a read to get your taste buds going! 18. What do you think about a bride and groom asking for money as a wedding gift?  Would you be happy to give money if asked rather than choosing a gift from a list or choosing your own?  Jazzy 17. I really really want to get my H2B a lovely wedding day present. As he has given me the wedding of my dreams! I’m on a tight budget :(. He doesn’t wear jewellery, I have no …

Top Tips

If you are looking for ideas for your wedding or celebration then make sure to have a look through the suggestions below. This is a list of a variety of entertainers, party ideas and favors/gifts that I have found over the years which I thought are great and worth recommending. If you would like more information, to check availability or find out about pricing, please do get in touch either by email or call 020 8905 2908. Happy Exploring !   Adorable Money Box A beautiful christening gift for a girl or boy – a beautiful bone china money box so they can start saving those pennies! The money box’s can be personalised with the child’s name on the front and 4 lines of text on the back, a lovely gift to be treasured.     Baby Showers Baby Showers have always been popular over in the States but over recent years, more and more expectant mums in the UK are throwing a Baby Shower. It’s customary to bring along a gift so if you need some inspiration there are some lovely ideas here. I wish someone would have made me home cooked meals for a week, what a great idea!   Bat Mitzvah Ideas I love using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  It helps me with deciding what to create for my clients. Like this personalised Bat Mitzvah candle lighting menorah which we can now do in-house. You can find fantastic, creative Bat Mizvah …

Discover the thrill of a roller coaster themed celebration

Bar/Batmitzvah’s, proms and milestone birthdays are a big occasion and they happen all year round, making it so much harder to choose a unique theme that hasn’t been done before! That’s where we can help. Do you love that exhilarating feeling when visiting a theme park and flying high on those roller coasters? We can create that sort of excitement at your celebration with a thrilling roller coaster theme.

Our top 6 venues for themed events

At Dash of Sparkle we specialise in creating incredible themed events and experiences that will leave your guests speechless… we do this with the best decor, entertainment, food and most importantly, the venue! Whatever your theme may be, we have created a helpful list of our top 6 venues in the local area, paying attention to the most popular Bar/Bat Mitzvah and wedding themes! Anyone can book a community hall and transform it up with decor, but we do so much more than that. We find a luxury venue that’ll bring your theme to life with a buzzing atmosphere and stunning surroundings.