Wedded bliss starts with this…

Organising your own wedding?  To get your nuptials off to the calmest start, it’s smart to find yourself a friendly creative wedding planner who has loads of useful information on her website that you can use to create a stress-free run-up to your big day.

So, well done, you’ve already saved yourself lots of time and hassle!  We are delighted that you have found our blog and we can help you get started … 

If you are now thinking WHERE DO I START?  here’s your answer!

  1. Create a wedding checklist. You can download mine here.  This covers everything you need to do and think about from the moment you start planning your wedding to the week before.  (Seriously, download it!)
  2. Talk to your partner and discuss the answers to the following questions:
    • What kind of wedding do we want? Traditional, Beach, Overseas, In a castle?
    • Do we want to invite children?
    • How many guests are we going to invite?
    • What’s our total budget?
  3. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start investigating venues. This will naturally lead to further supplier needs, such as a caterer, marquee supplier, photographer, florist etc.
  4. Whatever type of wedding you are planning, take out wedding insurance. This will cover your costs if something unexpected happens with family health or suppliers.
  5. Only use suppliers that have been recommended, and make sure you see them in action. Check on them more than once if there is a long run-up to your event.
  6. Don’t accept the first quote you get! Look around, negotiate and make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing!

For more on wedding planning, check out my website where you can get information and inspiration on everything you need to plan your day, from events and catering to entertainment, centrepieces, cakes and more!

If you think you may need support with some or all of your wedding planning, check out my wedding planning packages.

You can also contact me for a free no obligation chat, advice or quote by calling 020 8905 2908.