5 Innovative catering ideas for your next event

Everyone wants delicious food that looks like a piece of art on the plate, but why not take your catering to the next level? Surprise your guests with something unexpected, a bit of fun or mystery… for some great catering ideas on how to make your next corporate or private event really exciting make sure to read our 5 top tips below.

Cookie Coffee Cups

Tea and coffee are a must at a corporate event whether it’s a seminar, conference or exhibition.

Why not get more creative when serving tea and coffee to your guests and serve them in delicious cookie cups? Simply sip the tea/coffee then eat the cup! Who wouldn’t want this! You can even go the extra mile and get your company’s logo printed onto the front of the cookie to make them more personal.

Rice Krispy Treat Burgers

These Rice Krispy treat burgers are guaranteed to amaze your guests! They are fun and creative but most importantly, taste delicious.

You could serve these for dessert at your Gala dinner or fundraising event to make it more fascinating!

Branded Wine Bottles

These are perfect for a product launch! Branded wine bottles with your company’s logo will really intrigue all your guests.

These are made by colour coating the entire bottle to feature your logo, message or event details. Adding that subliminal branded message all around the room.

Personalised Cupcakes

These cupcakes are likely to be the centrepiece of your corporate event! Each cupcake can be topped with an edible image of your company’s logo to make them more personal.

You can have them displayed on a large stand on a dessert buffet or placed on each guest’s side plate. Branded cupcakes are a great way to market to your customers, as they enjoy a special treat, you get to reinforce your brand with every bite.

Dry Ice Canapes

Using dry ice to create fog effects in the presentation of food has never been more popular. So why not try incorporating this at your next event to add a bit of magic and mystery to the food you’re serving.


We hope these tips have helped you with some great ideas for your next event! For easy access to these top tips, why not download the PDF version here.