5 Most Popular Cocktails in the World – Why not have some of these at your next Simcha

popular cocktails

We here at Dash of Sparkle are thinking why not make serving an alcoholic drink at your event an attraction.

Many of today’s most popular cocktails are either variations of iconic drinks or based on old-fashioned tonics for. The formulas might have changed, the spirits have become more sophisticated and yet the delight of a tasty cocktail remains the same.

From the cultured Apple Martini to the potent punch of a Zombie, there are plenty of well-known cocktails available for guests at your next event

There will always be the Martini, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary and even the Tom Collins are ordered with a fair amount of regularity at just about any bar. Even the Mimosa and Bellini have become usual additions to any bartender’s list. The following 5 cocktails, however, have become trendy and popular or have managed to maintain their popularity despite great pressure from fine wine and even craft beer. So why not fit your cocktails to your theme.

apple-martiniIf your colour scheme is green, an Apple Martini, or “Appletini,” is a trendy cocktail that has gained popularity by adding a big twist to the typical dry Martini.


If you are having a tropical/ beach theme try either, a twist on the Long Island Iced Tea, the Californication. Californication is a term used in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, which means the mixing of different cultures. The cocktail reflects this as it includes a large number of different spirits from all over the world. Or you could also try the Mai Tai – this is a Polynesian-style cocktail that has a fruity tropical taste.



For an outdoor party in the summer sunshine nothing tastes quite as refreshing as The Mojito.  The Mojito has become very popular as its fresh minty taste complements warm summer weather much like a cool glass of non-alcoholic lemonade.

popular cocktails

Lastly the Cosmopolitan, fits into a sumptious red avant garde feel.  The Cosmopolitan is an ultra modern drink that has surged in popularity during the last 20-30 years

So you have your drinks menu organised, well now lets add the “Dash of Sparkle” Nightclub package to your event.  Lets add some trendy nightclub furniture, a round LED bar, some LED Poseur tables, curvey LED couches, a starlit dancefloor.  Imagine a relaxed atmosphere, waiters walking around with stunning mocktails, cocktails and delicious Kosher finger food.

nightclub package

This is what we are good at… making your Simcha a truly unique experience.

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