50 Shades of White

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From that special proposal to that moment when you say “I do” there are so many exciting, wonderful decisions to make so that your wedding is breathtaking from beggining to end.

To start off your exciting adventure, why not explore our Top 50 Shades of White!

proposal1.  The proposal 

Love this idea for a simple yet effective and romantic way to propose to your loved one. Spell out your proposal using white alphabet fridge magnets, or using glow-in-the dark stars to write it on the bedroom ceiling!


wedding ring2.  The ring

You need to learn all about the 4 c’s before you even attempt to ring shopping! The better the cut of diamond, the more scintillation and sparkle, the carat is all about the weight, the heavier the diamond, the more expensive! The clarity is a measure of the diamonds purity, fewer imperfections equal a rarer and more expensive diamond and finally the colour of the diamond you choose is determined by a yellow scale, with the highest colour grade and the whitest stone being the most expensive

3.  transport tandemTransport

How about this for a get-away with a difference and cycle off into the sunset with your new beau on a vespa, golf cart or tandem bike! The photo of the two of you would look fantastic – just make sure you practice riding in your dress and heels before your wedding day!


 church4.  Church 

Choose a church with gorgeous glass painted windows which allows the sunlight to stream in as you walk down the aisle. What a great way to enhance the experience for you and your loved ones.




church flowers5.  Church flowers
Consider doing your own flower arrangements for the church and reception.  There are some fantastic ideas on Pinterest making use of glass bowls, buckets and candles – and with some spray paints and decorative bits and pieces you can pick up cheaply from Ebay, you could make something unique and save yourself some pennies too.  Flowers are always cheaper on markets rather than at local florists. Rope your more creative friends in to help!


vows6.  Vows
Writing your own vows can make your wedding even more special but some couples don’t know where to start! A great idea is to write one another a letter saying what you love about each other and why you can’t wait to be married. The best lines are often the ones that come straight from the heart.



ring-bearer9crop7. Ring barer
You can’t get cooler or sweeter than this little dude as a ring bearer!  He looks like he should be straight out of the secret service and the rings are securely locked away in the little safe he is carrying!




vintage dress8. Dress
There is nothing more ornate, beautiful and timeless than a vintage wedding dress.  There are numerous suppliers specialising in vintage style wedding dresses, but for true vintage, check out second hand shops and Ebay, there are some beautiful antique gowns to be found.  Or for true vintage why not adapt your own mother’s or even Grandmother’s wedding dress, what could be more special?



v-band tiara9.  Tiara
A V-band is a stunning, retro look that could be used in place of a traditional tiara.  It is designed to draw attention to the front of the face and can be used to add balance to a longer face shape.  It is a look which most definitely has the ‘wow’ factor.




jewellery10.  Jewellery
Back-drop necklaces come in all styles as with a normal necklace and look absolutely beautiful with a backless or low-backed wedding dress.  Such a beautiful, elegant look!





shoes11.  Shoes
For many brides, the good old fashioned ‘bridal shoes’ are a thing of the past.  Today it’s all about letting your shoes make a statement, the bolder the better!  A flash of colour under the hem of your dress can add an element of excitement to your outfit, something blue perhaps?




bouquet12.  Bouquet
Wow simply stunning, a wedding bouquet doesn’t have to be made up of traditional flowers.  How about incorporating buttons, shells, feathers, beads or even pearls for a unique look which will have everyone talking.





button hole13.  Button holes
Peacock feather button holes add a modern twist and can be sourced in a variety of colours and styles, perfect for a vintage wedding or just for something a little different from the norm.





ombre hair14.  Hair
Ombre hairstyles are bang on trend and wedding hair is no exception.  The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends.  Stunning when worn either naturally or as an up-do.





wedding make up15.  Make up
A couple of make-up tips to have you looking natural and flawless on your big day.  Individual lashes applied will open up your eyes without looking as dramatic as a strip lash, use a highlighter over your make up base for that fresh, dewy look and the use of a quality eyebrow pencil will ensure your eyebrows frame your face.  But most of all, don’t stray too far away from the make-up you would usually wear, as you need to feel comfortable in your own skin on your wedding day!



nails16.  Nails
Lace trimmed, diamantes, adorned with crystals or pearls, wedding nail art is big this year.  Try something different and tie in your nail theme with your dress, hair and jewellery for a real wow effect!





reception marquee17.  Reception venue
For some couples, the local church followed by a reception at a hotel or Country Club just isn’t special enough. If you are having a summer wedding, how about researching the local farms and land owners to see if you can hire their land for erecting your own marquee.  You will have to provide everything yourself, from furniture to crockery, cutlery and caterers, but this way you get to stamp your very own personality on your big day and have everything just the way YOU want it.



table plans18.  Seating plan
Love this pretty and original idea for a table plan.  Instead of simply typing out table plans and displaying on a board, how about using name tags in flower arrangements which could also work as centrepieces or favours.  Just lovely.





placecards19.  Place cards
Having a winter wedding?  How about using sparkly baubles for place cards, simply use cards to write guests names and insert in the top, original, glam and festive!





center pieces20.  Centrepieces
For a beautiful, warm atmosphere to your reception, the use of lantern and candles works really well for an alternative centrepiece to flower arrangements.  Perfect for winter weddings or evening receptions and just so romantic!





chair covers21.  Chair covers
Flower garlands can be a lovely alternative to material chair covers and sashes and can tie in with your table centrepieces and other floral arrangements.





ceiling canopy22.  Ceiling canopy
Transform your wedding venue and enhance your wedding lighting with ceiling canopies.  Ceiling canopies really dress a venue and give a touch of luxury to any room.  Decorate canopies with fairy lights for a truly romantic feel.





draping23.  Draping
Ceiling voiles, silk and satin draping can also transform a room into something truly decadent.  Dressing a room with draping and ceiling canopies needn’t be expensive, you can hire materials at reasonable rates and create something special and memorable for your guests. Add some uplighters and you have created the perfect ambience for a romantic haven.




fairy lit backdrop24.  Fairy lit backdrop
How about a fairy lit backdrop for behind the top table?  The top table is already the highlight and the most important part of the room, but set off with a wall of fairy lights it becomes even more magical, the perfect setting to toast the bride and groom.





balloon arch25.  Balloon arch
A wedding balloon arch could be used in a variety of different places at your wedding.  Perhaps guests enter the arch to the wedding reception, or the balloon arch adorns the top table?  Wherever you choose to place it, it will certainly be a great talking point amongst your guests and the perfect back drop for some fantastic wedding photos!




table decs26.  Little extras on the table
In addition to wedding favours for each of your guests you could consider decorating the table with a few little extras to really wow your guests.  Sweets, stones, feathers, shells or even pretty buttons could be used instead of the usual confetti or gems.  Think about your theme or about things that are special to you as a couple and try and incorporate them into your table decorations.




favors27.  Favours
Absolutely love this idea and your guests will too, especially if they win something!  Lottery card holders with a lottery card inside, they could use the holder again for business cards!





drinks station28.  Welcome drinks
Instead of waiters serving welcome drinks after your ceremony, you could use a self service station with a variety of fruity cocktails to choose from.  Cloudy lemonade, fruit punch or even iced tea are lovely ideas for guests who prefer a non-alcoholic option! You could even add a decorative sculptured watermelon display with fresh fruit that the guests can enjoy on arrival.





food29.  The food/catering
Wedding food doesn’t always have to mean a formal 3 course sit down meal.  Hog roasts, BBQ’s or huge paella’s served on platters could be perfect for a summer wedding, or how about a sausage and chutney festival, warming soups, stews and stodgy puddings to warm up guests at a winter wedding.




cake pops30.  Wedding Cake
Gone are the days of the fruit cake covered in white Marzipan and decked with wedding flowers. Now couples want their cake to be a reflection of themselves, as with all other aspects of their wedding. Some other ideas you could consider – cake pops (individual cakes on a stick), real cheese stacked as a cake (don’t forget the crackers!), individual jelly moulds or even doughnuts piled high to the ceiling!




sweet cart31.  Special desserts
If the wedding cake isn’t enough for your sweet toothed guests, how about a chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, pancake station or even sweet cart to add a touch of excitement to your celebrations!





speech32.  Speech
A lovely quote for the groom to his bride Grow old with me by poet Robert Browning.  “The best is yet to be – the last of life for which the first was made”.  After all, anyone can get married, but it takes true love to stay together until the end of time.





first dance33.  First dance
The most important wedding song of the day, your first dance song will be one that you remember for years to come; feelings will be forever evoked among yourselves and your guests upon hearing your first dance wedding song choice.  “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith comes in at number 1 in the wedding song charts!  What was yours?




post box34.  Wedding Post box
A wedding post box is a lovely way to collect the cards and well-wishing notes from your guests.  They can be personalised to suit your theme and provide a focal point in an unused space such as the reception area.





wedding gift35.  Gifts for retinue
This is a lovely gift idea, really personal and thoughtful as you can choose a variety of the couples’ favourite flowers to go inside.  The personalisation on the crate means the couple will have happy memories every time they see your gift when out in the garden – a gift to keep and nurture forever!





wedding band36.  DJ/Band
There’s nothing like a live wedding band to get a crowd going and create a great atmosphere.  With a band your guests will experience the pleasure of a performance. But bands can be more expensive than a DJ so it’s worth asking around for recommendations and listening/viewing past wedding tapes to really get a feel for a band before booking them.




sparkling white dancfloor37.  Dance floor
You can’t get much more romantic than a sparkling white dance floor, absolutely perfect for a winter wonderland theme!  Your guests will love your twinkling star lit floor, lit up in perfect timing for your first dance as husband and wife.




initials dancefloor38.  Initials on dance floor
The Wedding Gobo is an image of the bride and groom’s name or monogram projected on to either the dance floor or wall during the reception. A gobo projected on a dance floor creates a focal point which your guests naturally gravitate to, dance around and offers unique photo opportunities. The Gobo is created to be a crisp white colour to project the sharpest image and blend neutrally with your colour scheme.




dancing on clouds39.  Floating Cloud effect on dance floor
The illusion of fog can make you look like you are dancing on clouds , truly magical and like something out of a fairytale.  If this doesn’t have the wow factor, nothing will!






wedding dance lessons40.  First dance
A magical moment to your special song would be incomplete without a dance routine. Why not surprise your guests by starting out with a slow song and suddenly the tempo changes and your dance transforms into a cha cha, samba or salsa… something with a bit of spice.





entertainment41.  Entertainment
A choir dressed in white could sing an impromptu song or two at your wedding reception – romantic, angelic, beautiful.





Gift list42.  Gift list
The traditional wedding list is easily found online or at your closest branch of John Lewis or Debenhams. If you are looking for something a bit more interesting, how about a Honeymoon Fund or explore a a website called “Not on the high street” to find something bespoke and personalised for the bride and groom.





Underwater honeymoon suite43.  Honeymoon destination
Explore websites that have unique restaurants and unbelievable places of interest. Could you just imagine sitting inside a waterfall for dinner or feeling in awe while walking through a passage leading into an undersea restaurant. You can even have a room with a glass ceiling to see all the water creatures swimming past.





lingerie44.  Lingerie
You will want to wear something new and sexy under your wedding dress and on your wedding night. Wedding underwear is a fun product to buy and you will have a lot of choice to choose from. You will want your wedding underwear to be very comfortable under your dress, so taking some advice from wedding underwear specialists is a good idea.





Keepsake Box - Wedding style 145.  Wedding Keepsake box
This is a beautiful present to give the special couple. I love the idea of a keepsake box personalised with their wedding date and names, which they can keep all their little momentos. The invitation, favours, menu, placecards. Every bride would want to reminisce and look through the wedding keepsake box with a daughter or two.




graffiti album46.  Photographer
Photographers are always looking for something unique they can do to give them an edge over their competition. Some of the great ideas I have seen out there are vintage photos, storyline albums and an artistic graphiti style for a modern twist. Make sure to explore and compare what’s on offer. This is one of the most important wedding choices you will make, as this is the one you will keep forever!





pop star wedding video47.  Videographer
One of my favourite video ideas at the moment is having the highlights of your wedding played on the night. The videographer records your wedding and plays back some of the highlights after the speeches. You can even opt for a modern style video where all the retinue rehearse a song and dance which is recorded in the form of a pop star video. What a great memento to have!





invitation48.  Invitations
Why not give your guests a unique invitation, like a message in a bottle. Or how about a little surprise inside their invitation to make it a bit more fun. A sprinkle of confetti, glitter or hearts or something sweet to prepare them for what’s to come.





hen night49.  Bachelor Party and Hen night
Whatever you get up to make sure its a combination of fun, lots of laughter and a little bit of naughty. Even if the bride-to-be prefers to go out for an afternoon tea, make sure she is dressed for the ocassion and have some tricks up your sleeve for entertainment. Same applies for the groom!





guardian angel50.  Guardian angel
With lots and lots of exciting decisions to be made, the easiest way to make sure your wedding day is as you imagine it will be with no glitches, no stress and no complications, is to make sure you have a “Guardian Angel”. Someone to help from start to finish with all your wedding planning and even attending on the day to coordinate all your suppliers. That way you can relax, enjoy yourself and be a guest at your wedding not dealing with any unexpected situations.



Feel free to comment or share, we would love to hear yours!

May your wedding be a magical experience that you will remember with fondness for many years to come. It is our aim to ensure that all your hopes and dreams are brought to life and all your expectations are met!

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