Amazing ideas for a comic book party theme

Comic book themed centrepieceDoes your son or daughter love comics? The idea of superheroes and the super-natural is often a big hit with kids, whether they can’t wait to read the latest addition of their favourite comic or are glued to the TV screen when Spiderman comes on. Incorporating a comic theme into a Bar/Bat mitzvah, birthday party or other special event is easier than you’d think!

There are so many options with a comic book party theme that’ll create a colourful and inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Floral comic strip themed centrepieceInstead of traditional centrepieces featuring just flowers, how about having the vases decorated with comic book strips? The eye-catching characters and vibrant colours bring out the soft hues of the floral arrangements, a unique decoration that your guests will be sure to admire. Flowers aren’t the only option – for an even bolder and more colourful centrepiece, how about hand-made or professionally printed boxes filled with tissue paper and signs decorated with comic book catchphrases: BANG! SPLAT! KAPOW!

Comic themed crisps in conesEveryone knows that food is the focal point of any special event. There’s nothing better than seeing a table filled with tasty treats to keep the party-goers dancing all night. To keep the comic theme going throughout the room, there are small touches you can add to your catering and table decorations. Crisps or chips can be served in black and white comic strip paper, twisted into cones for mess-free eating, a fun addition to the rest of the meal. Comic themed sweet buffet

After something salty, we always fancy something sweet. A dessert table decorated with your son or daughters initial and comic book accessories will make a great impact. A ‘Happy Birthday’ banner can hang off the table top which is covered with superhero-themed cupcakes, multi-coloured jelly and a city-scape celebration cake. The main colours to choose for an authentic comic book theme are yellow, red and blue.

No party would be complete without sending the guests home with a party gift. You can have tins specially decorated with comic strips, which can be used as a money box or a fun decoration.

Comic book themed money box or favour tinsThey look great stacked up on a table and will be sure to attract attention when the guests see your theme for the first time! When so much time and effort has gone into planning your event, giving the guests something memorable they can take home is so worth the wait.

These are just a few ideas of how we can bring a comic book theme to life, if you feel inspired and would like to discuss your special celebration, email us at or give us a call on 07877 927 246 so we can arrange to meet and start bouncing ideas for your event.

Thank you to, and Muschlitz photography for their lovely photos and creative ideas.

Written by Laura Baines