Amazing edible fun ideas to bring a Dash of Sparkle to your event

edible funAs much as we all love traditional party food – finger sandwiches, celebration cake and crisps and dips, there’s a whole world of unique flavours to be discovered. At Dash of Sparkle, we go the extra mile to find new and exciting food and drink to delight your guests at your next event. With so much to choose from and costs of catering to consider, we’ve got some great edible fun ideas to spark your imagination and make planning your event a fun and unforgettable experience.

edible fun

For a stag or hen party, alcoholic pastilles are a great choice for something different at the bar or as part of your dessert table. The pastilles are infused with alcohol such as gin and flavours are added to give them a sweet taste. They are available in a variety of colours and look great presented on a board, perhaps as an after-dinner treat. Not everyone likes to drink alcohol with their meal, so these pastilles are a great alternative and an exciting novelty for your guests to try.

edible funThese amazing edible bubbles are guaranteed to ignite your senses and catch your guests attention as they arrive. They create maximum impact as they float around the room, not just looking good but tasting great too! Flavoured with tastes such as passionfruit, rhubarb and apple, edible bubbles add a fun element and are a massive hit with kids. Watch them chase the bubbles and see their eyes light up as they recognise the flavours. These aren’t ordinary bubbles!

Whilst the kids are kept amused with edible bubbles, the adults can turn their attention to a cocktail bar with a edible fundifference. These bespoke cocktails are designed to change colour and flavour as you drink – yes really! A skilled bartender can demonstrate a few tricks whilst your guests enjoy the tasty drinks that transform in front of their eyes. A celebration is the best time to mix things up and an ordinary cocktail bar just won’t do!

edible funIt’s no secret that hiring a venue for your event is expensive, but this is usually expected to be the priciest item in your budget. This isn’t usually a problem, until you realise that use of the kitchen isn’t included or they don’t have a separate kitchen for Kosher catering. Before you worry about changing venue, why not consider all-in-one food stalls for your event? The advantage of these is that they bring along their own kitchen and preparation space, so everything is ready to go! The wide range of fun food stalls available will please everyone, from candy floss and slush machines to hot dog stands and sweet stations. These are especially great for Bar/Batmitzvah’s and children’s birthday parties.

If sweets aren’t really your thing and you fancy something healthier on the tables at your event, these beautiful fruit edible funbaskets are perfect for baby showers and corporate functions. Filled with fresh fruit of your choice – strawberries, pineapple, melon and grapes, they are also a great gift or centrepiece idea. The possibilities are endless!

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Written by Laura Baines