January blues

Beat the January blues with colourful themed ideas

January bluesJanuary is a month that could really do with brightening up! Short days, cold weather and winter clothes make us feel miles away from the fun and colour of summer. Dash of Sparkle are bringing you fun themed ideas to beat the January blues and inspire your next event.

The ideal theme for transforming a blank canvas venue, colour can be added to every aspect of your décor. From pastels to rainbow shades, there’s no limit to the colours you can use. Depending on your taste, a colourful theme can be made up of traditional colourful balloons, banners and centrepieces, or you can incorporate LED lighting around the room and as part of your entertainment or food stations.

Sweet stations and food carts are a really popular choice at events. Not only do they add a fun, interactive element forJanuary blues your guests – they look cool too! Usually decorated in bright colours, adding an LED element makes them stand out, especially for evening parties. You can choose from popcorn, candyfloss or sweet carts – not forgetting a chocolate fountain!

When it comes to centrepieces, taking inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great start. Combining multi-coloured balloons, ribbons and shiny material is a way to incorporate elements of your favourite themes without going all-out.

January bluesIf you’re having a dinner dance, your guests will spend a lot of time sitting at their tables. Decorating them beautifully with multi-coloured confetti or diamantes and dressing the chairs with bows will make all the difference. Naming each table after a colour to go with your seating plan is a lovely finishing touch.

Multi-coloured décor doesn’t have to stop at floor level. Why not have a ceiling canopy? Paired with uplighters or strobing lights, your function room is sure to look amazing. When it comes to entertainment, the options are endless! Colourful choices include a colour-changing LED casino table, or entertainers that use colour in their performance, such as a hula hooper or dancers in colourful costumes. 
January blues

If you’re looking for a full-on candyland experience, we’re now offering a Kosher Candyland service, which includes all the fun food options we’ve mentioned.

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