5 Great Ways to Create your own Circus Themed Celebration

Since the award winning film The Greatest Showman was released back in 2017, circus themed parties have become increasingly popular. When picturing a circus you think of colourful draping, thrilling entertainment and magic. This theme can be tailored for any event, whether it’s for a children’s birthday party, Barmitzvah, Gala dinner or a wedding. Here are some great ways you can create your very own circus themed celebration…

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Hagefen venue

HaGefen, Hendon

The recently renovated venue HaGefen, which is located in Hendon is a modern and spacious function hall with a contemporary and elegant design. Read More

Band on dance floor

6 Guaranteed Ways To Fill The Dance Floor At Your Wedding

A full dance floor is what every bride and groom wants on their wedding day. Believe it or not, you have more control over your dance floor than you think. If you want a big party on your wedding day, you deserve a big party on your wedding day.

So what steps can you do take to ensure that your dance floor is packed and the party is rocking?

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6 Great Event Orientated Ideas to Promote your Business

The Prospect of planning a special celebration or corporate event with so many intricate details can be daunting. As event organisers our job is to make sure your event is just as you hoped it would be, leaving nothing to chance and no detail forgotten. We have created a list of 6 great event orientated ideas that can help promote your business. These event ideas will help you to increase brand awareness, interact with your existing ones, as well as attracting new ones.

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7 Mistakes Couples Make

7 Mistakes Couples Make That Can Ruin Their Wedding

The one area of wedding planning that’s more prone to going wrong is managing the budget. Most couples, unless they have large pots of money to splash about, find that sticking to their budget is one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to planning for their big day. The thing to remember is that even a few small mistakes can put unwanted pressure on your wedding budget. We have seven of the most common wedding budget missteps for you so you know what to avoid:

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UPLOADING 1 / 1 – Narnia batmizvah with balloon arch and glitter balloon centrepieces.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS Narnia batmizvah with balloon arch and glitter balloon centrepieces

Exceed Expectations with your School Prom…

With prom season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning! Prom is one of the biggest and most talked about events in the school year, so how do you make sure that it will meet everyone’s expectations and create the best night ever?

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25 Popular First Dance Songs for Weddings

Wedding preparations involve making many decisions in common. Keeping in mind about what your spouse would like and what works for you as a couple is important.

You will have to agree on many things like which wedding invitations to choose, your venue or your perfect wedding dress. But something very important to agree upon is which song you will have your first dance to.

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When should I do what at my celebration?

As fun and exciting planning a function can be, we also know that sorting timings out can be very stressful! We often get asked how to time a function to make sure guests will enjoy themselves, not feel bored by the speeches and ensure there is enough time to fit everything in so that their celebration goes as smooth as possible. Common questions that we get asked are how to alleviate the long queues for food, when the different entertainment options should be open, and how many speeches should be included together, so that guests will not loose interest.

We have created this interesting blog to help you with preparing the schedule for your function, as well as answering other popular questions…

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Our top DJs and Bands

There are thousands of DJs and Bands out there but how do you know which one is right for your function? Do they know how to MC? Have they got a great stage production? Do they offer a DJ live service or a full band?So many questions! We have created this blog of our top DJs and Bands and what makes them unique. Hopefully you will find someone perfect for your next event!

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Opium, London

Opium London is a stunning new venue that opened in January of 2019. Opium is owned by the Spanish company Grupo Costa Este who has other branches in locations such as Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

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