Alice in Wonderland cake1Cakes are still a firm favourite at all functions such as birthdays, barmitzvah’s and weddings.

However over the last few years cakes have seen a recent revival in the “types” that can be offered.

As well as having the traditional type of cake for a wedding the industry has moved into all sorts of elaborate cake making.

Birthday parties, Bar/Bat mitzvahs or special milestone celebrations has enticed hosts to create something very bespoke.

From 007, a cake in the shape of a laptop or shopping bag or even loving a movie like Alice in Wonderland – hosts can now not only theme the invitation, room decor and centrepieces, but bring their theme to life in their wedding or celebration cake.

The sky is the limit, choose a theme and lets get creative!

At weddings many people choose to serve dessert in addition to wedding cake but this is in no way mandatory, and the trend today is definitely toward taste and design.

Wedding cakes are not just for show anymore – hosts and wedding couples fully expect it to be the showcase of the evening. We have even created a 7 tiered display of cupcakes with different flavours and toppings so that each guest gets to have their own mini cake to eat on the night or take home.

Cupcakes 3 flavoursSo the next time you need a cake made for your function whether it be a traditional cake or one of the new bespoke handcrafted cakes, give Dash of Sparkle a call on 020 8905 2908.

We will talk through your requirements and together we will design the right cake just for you!