What questions to ask a Kosher caterer, other than the price!

When it comes to choosing a Kosher caterer, preparation is key! After all, what is it that most people remember about a special event – yes, the food! The food you offer your guests is one of the most important elements to any celebration, get that right and your guests will leave with full bellies and a smile on their face! We have come up with a list of useful questions to ask when meeting a potential kosher caterer and we hope that you find it useful too!

My favourite Kosher venues in North London and Hertfordshire

  When it comes to choosing the right Kosher venue for your event, there are so many things to consider. I have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic venues and have a few hidden gems for you below, in my list of favourite kosher venues in North London and Hertfordshire. These venues can be booked in conjunction with our Kosher packages, which include catering, centrepieces and on the day co-ordination.

Do I really need an Event Planner?

So much to do, so little time… What shall I do first? How many items did you have written down on your checklist? My suggestion – Let us take the stress out of organising your celebration whilst saving you valuable time and money. Call an Event Planner!


Unusual Entertainment Ideas and How Much should I expect to pay? So you have found your perfect venue, confirmed your caterers and breathtaking centrepieces. And now the big question has turned to entertainment. The DJ will get everyone onto the dance floor and MC the evening, but what about the rest of the time? Who will keep those kids from destroying the centrepieces and having a food fight? What will the guests do in between courses if they are not dancing, you need entertainment!

Speech Writing – What do I need to include and who can help?

Speech writing and speaking in front of a community, friends and family is quite a daunting situation for most adults, but for a 12 or 13 year old it can be the start of many sleepless nights! A good idea is to have someone with experience and knowledge to help with the process, so that no one feels overwhelmed or anxious and looks forward to speaking on their big day. It is customary for the Mother, Father and/or child to make a speech at their bar/bat mitzvah. Sometimes grandparents and friends of the bar/bat mitzvah child also prepare a speech.

Is a Function Hall really cheaper than a Hotel Venue?

When preparing for a wedding or celebration, the very first task you find yourself exploring is looking for that perfect venue that fits your requirements and your budget. Over the years, working in the Event Industry as a Venue Stylist and Event Organiser I have found five main questions that really help me ascertain the best venue that I can recommend to my clients… Have a look at the questions below to help you with your search!

Time well spent in limbo …

When you plan a special occasion, you will be bubbling with excitement. You won’t be able to think about anything else – where, when, how, what and why… Where is that perfect venue that will amaze my guests? When should we get married, celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or christening? How do I create my theme and incorporate all my personal touches? What entertainer, photographer, DJ or dessert … should I have? Then at some point, suddenly and for no apparent reason everyone asks themselves is … Why have I got nothing else to do?

Feeling Blue?

Winter is upon us and it is COLD, GREY and DARK outside. Everyone is counting down to the Christmas break,  no one feels very inspired or motivated to do much apart from lying under a blanket with a hot cuppa and watching lots of soaps on the telly. Don’t despair if you are feeling blue because we are going to turn this winter wonderland month into something magical just for you! Where to start?

Do You Need to be Perfect?

I know this may seem like an unusual question but it has crossed my mind. Can one person really be brilliant at everything? I was watching an episode of the Olympics, when they interviewed Jessica Ennis, an athlete that won gold medals for all her races and was amazed that one of her interviewers actually suggested that there is still room for improvement! If gold is considered the best of the BEST and that is not enough, then what is?

Under Pressure… Here We Go Again

How bizarre these two songs have somehow intertwined in my mind, Queen and Mama Mia. What do they have to do with each other?? Most likely nothing but somehow they really round off what everyone goes through on a daily basis, feeling under pressure to achieve your goal and once you get there, starting all over again, planning for your next big achievement!