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The exciting part has happened and you’ve started to brainstorm ideas for your event. You may have already got a colour scheme, guest list and planned an outfit, but what happens when it comes to the venue? Maybe you haven’t even started looking yet, or you may have trawled around several venues but none of them ticked all your boxes. On paper, it might seem straight forward to choose a venue as usually the first thing to consider is location. As the planning progresses, you’ll quickly realise that it’s about way more than that. If you don’t feel the venue has the wow-factor, it can be frustrating and disheartening.

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Have you just got engaged? Is it your son or daughter’s Bat/Bar mitzvah or your 50th wedding anniversary? We’re all familiar with the initial excitement of planning an event – searching for the perfect venue, choosing a colour scheme or theme, shopping for outfits and sampling delicious menus – but what happens when you lose inspiration? There are bound to be so many questions going through your head that you don’t know where to start. It may be that you’re struggling to juggle event planning with your other commitments, or you haven’t found the right venue with that wow-factor. Whatever it is, Dash of Sparkle can help turn your frustration into amazement!

Gala Dinners

Feel like a celebrity with a Hollywood themed event

When you think of Hollywood, you may imagine a grand venue, glittering decorations and a red carpet. At Dash of Sparkle, we can bring these ideas to life and create a show-stopping Hollywood themed event for any occasion. A great way to create the atmosphere as the guests walk into the room is with a Hollywood themed seating plan.

Amazing edible fun ideas to bring a Dash of Sparkle to your event

As much as we all love traditional party food – finger sandwiches, celebration cake and crisps and dips, there’s a whole world of unique flavours to be discovered. At Dash of Sparkle, we go the extra mile to find new and exciting food and drink to delight your guests at your next event. With so much to choose from and costs of catering to consider, we’ve got some great edible fun ideas to spark your imagination and make planning your event a fun and unforgettable experience.

Discover a sweet sensation with a candyland theme

A candyland theme is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of bright colours. Your venue can be transformed into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with chocolate fountains, life-size sweets, a candy-themed cake and vibrantly coloured décor.

Amazing ideas for a comic book party theme

Does your son or daughter love comics? The idea of superheroes and the super-natural is often a big hit with kids, whether they can’t wait to read the latest addition of their favourite comic or are glued to the TV screen when Spiderman comes on. Incorporating a comic theme into a Bar/Bat mitzvah, birthday party or other special event is easier than you’d think!

Hip Hop Extravaganza

Planning a themed event for your son or daughter can be a great experience, but also lots of work! At Dash of Sparkle, we have the experience needed to create an exciting and unique event for everyone to enjoy. A hip hop extravaganza theme is perfect, there are so many options to make a fun, interactive event for the dance lover in your life!

Do you want a one-of-a-kind event that will exceed all your expectations?

Bringing spectacular ideas to life is our goal and together we can create an original, unique and exciting one-of-a-kind event. Do you have a specific theme in mind? We turn imagination into a reality. We can create the perfect backdrop for your event, from a Hollywood theme with a red carpet, a glittering disco ball and a fire and ice photo booth, to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme dripping with purple decorations, a chocolate fountain and golden tickets. The sky is the limit.

6 Top Tips for Hosting the Most Memorable Celebration!

Got big plans? Have a special milestone birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe you are hosting a charity tea party… No matter what the celebration, you definitely want to create a memorable celebration experience for all the right reasons! So grab a coffee and explore our 6 top tips to help you arrange your most memorable celebration!

Football Theme your Barmitvah – Ideas and Inspiration by Dash of Sparkle

We all know that a vast amount of teenagers love football, and this is now a hugely popular theme that is being chosen for a Bar or Bat mitzvah celebration, milestone birthday party or special event. So if you will soon be one of those proud parents, here are some great tips and ideas you’ll want to tap into when planning a football theme party.

3 Ways To Transform An Event With Lighting

This month we are going to show you three ways to transform an event with lighting. Event lighting is an amazing way to transform any venue from average to astonishing. More and more event planners are starting to offer lighting packages as a value-added service to clients. Professional lighting is essential to any event. Lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to create the stunning ambiance you need in the room. When planning a wedding, concert, or corporate meeting, lighting can instantly elevate any affair.

5 Most Popular Cocktails in the World – Why not have some of these at your next Simcha

We here at Dash of Sparkle are thinking why not make serving an alcoholic drink at your event an attraction. Many of today’s most popular cocktails are either variations of iconic drinks or based on old-fashioned tonics for. The formulas might have changed, the spirits have become more sophisticated and yet the delight of a tasty cocktail remains the same. From the cultured Apple Martini to the potent punch of a Zombie, there are plenty of well-known cocktails available for guests at your next event