Discover a sweet sensation with a candyland theme

A candyland theme is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of bright colours. Your venue can be transformed into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with chocolate fountains, life-size sweets, a candy-themed cake and vibrantly coloured décor.

Amazing ideas for a comic book party theme

Does your son or daughter love comics? The idea of superheroes and the super-natural is often a big hit with kids, whether they can’t wait to read the latest addition of their favourite comic or are glued to the TV screen when Spiderman comes on. Incorporating a comic theme into a Bar/Bat mitzvah, birthday party or other special event is easier than you’d think!

Hip Hop Extravaganza

Planning a themed event for your son or daughter can be a great experience, but also lots of work! At Dash of Sparkle, we have the experience needed to create an exciting and unique event for everyone to enjoy. A hip hop extravaganza theme is perfect, there are so many options to make a fun, interactive event for the dance lover in your life!

My Rustic Countryside Wedding

This was one of my most favourite weddings to arrange… a rustic countryside wedding. It all started with a little photo on Pinterest of a twisted willow tree and transformed into a magical day… We transformed a beautiful landscaped garden into the perfect setting for a romantic, rustic countryside adventure perfect for the bride and groom!

Football Theme your Barmitvah – Ideas and Inspiration by Dash of Sparkle

We all know that a vast amount of teenagers love football, and this is now a hugely popular theme that is being chosen for a Bar or Bat mitzvah celebration, milestone birthday party or special event. So if you will soon be one of those proud parents, here are some great tips and ideas you’ll want to tap into when planning a football theme party.

Day into Night – let’s take your party in a new exciting direction!

We here at “Dash of Sparkle” are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas for your upcoming party. So this blog is all about that! How to think outside the box.  How to create a weekend that steers away from the “traditional” dinner dance evening.  As after all “isn’t it all about the kids”?

How to turn your office or home into a Winter Wonderland

If you are celebrating Christmas at home or want to decorate your office and want to create a Winter Wonderland so that you can experience that magical feeling you see in the movies, I am going to share with you some little secrets that will add the magic you are hoping for … There are 5 main elements you will need to bring your Winter Wonderland to life: