Discover a sweet sensation with a candyland theme

A candyland theme is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of bright colours. Your venue can be transformed into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with chocolate fountains, life-size sweets, a candy-themed cake and vibrantly coloured décor. Adults and children alike will love the fun element, and there’s no limit to what you can create with Dash of Sparkle’s help!

Hip Hop Extravaganza

Planning a themed event for your son or daughter can be a great experience, but also lots of work! At Dash of Sparkle, we have the experience needed to create an exciting and unique event for everyone to enjoy. A hip hop extravaganza theme is perfect, there are so many options to make a fun, interactive event for the dance lover in your life!

Do you want a one-of-a-kind event that will exceed all your expectations?

Bringing spectacular ideas to life is our goal and together we can create an original, unique and exciting one-of-a-kind event. Do you have a specific theme in mind? We turn imagination into a reality. We can create the perfect backdrop for your event, from a Hollywood theme with a red carpet, a glittering disco ball and a fire and ice photo booth, to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme dripping with purple decorations, a chocolate fountain and golden tickets. The sky is the limit.

My Rustic Countryside Wedding

This was one of my most favourite weddings to arrange… a rustic countryside wedding. It all started with a little photo on Pinterest of a twisted willow tree and transformed into a magical day… We transformed a beautiful landscaped garden into the perfect setting for a romantic, rustic countryside adventure perfect for the bride and groom!

6 Top Tips for Hosting the Most Memorable Celebration!

Got big plans? Have a special milestone birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe you are hosting a charity tea party… No matter what the celebration, you definitely want to create a memorable celebration experience for all the right reasons! So grab a coffee and explore our 6 top tips to help you arrange your most memorable celebration!

3 Ways To Transform An Event With Lighting

This month we are going to show you three ways to transform an event with lighting. Event lighting is an amazing way to transform any venue from average to astonishing. More and more event planners are starting to offer lighting packages as a value-added service to clients. Professional lighting is essential to any event. Lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to create the stunning ambiance you need in the room. When planning a wedding, concert, or corporate meeting, lighting can instantly elevate any affair.

5 Most Popular Cocktails in the World – Why not have some of these at your next Simcha

We here at Dash of Sparkle are thinking why not make serving an alcoholic drink at your event an attraction. Many of today’s most popular cocktails are either variations of iconic drinks or based on old-fashioned tonics for. The formulas might have changed, the spirits have become more sophisticated and yet the delight of a tasty cocktail remains the same. From the cultured Apple Martini to the potent punch of a Zombie, there are plenty of well-known cocktails available for guests at your next event

Day into Night – let’s take your party in a new exciting direction!

We here at “Dash of Sparkle” are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas for your upcoming party. So this blog is all about that! How to think outside the box.  How to create a weekend that steers away from the “traditional” dinner dance evening.  As after all “isn’t it all about the kids”? Here at “Dash of Sparkle” we like to help bring your dreams, concepts and vision to life. We have come up with a fantastic new idea of running a super sensational event.

Creative Ideas for the Perfect Parev Party

Parev: (Judaism) containing neither meat nor milk products, so fit for use with either meat or milk dishes. As many people know, Kosher meat is very expensive. Yet a wonderful Kosher spread needn’t contain meat, there are so many great alternatives these days which are not only stunning to look at, but easy on the budget too!  Here are our ideas for the perfect Parev party. With the availability of dairy free cheese and chocolate and the versatility of ingredients such as tofu and soya instead of meat and riches whip instead of cream, guests wouldn’t even notice the difference!

What dates do I need to AVOID when booking my Simcha?

No matter what religion you are, you’ll also want to be sensitive to the religious observances of your guests. Even if they are able to attend, they might be fasting, eating a restricted diet, or have other limitations that will prevent them from fully enjoying your event. So ensuring that you are choosing the best date possible will exclude any religious reasons for your guests to decline!