Make your summer wedding truly memorable …

Planning a summer wedding is a fabulously magical time and you will want to make the most of the great outdoors while creating a romantic and sensational setting for you and your guests to enjoy. Read on for some top tips on how to make your summer wedding a real occasion to remember:

Five Fairytale Must-haves

by Fran @ Hitched The homepage covers everything you need in order to complete your fairytale wedding this month, and so does our competitions page! So many of us dream of the perfect day, and this may have been influenced from bed time stories, the dream of a handsome prince whisking you away on a horse, or the ultimate fairytale. I caught up with Idit Ginsberg, event organiser and owner of Dash of Sparkle ( who shared her top five items that you simply must have in order to turn your dream fairytale in to a reality!

Time well spent in limbo …

When you plan a special occasion, you will be bubbling with excitement. You won’t be able to think about anything else – where, when, how, what and why… Where is that perfect venue that will amaze my guests? When should we get married, celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or christening? How do I create my theme and incorporate all my personal touches? What entertainer, photographer, DJ or dessert … should I have? Then at some point, suddenly and for no apparent reason everyone asks themselves is … Why have I got nothing else to do?

Making sure your Dream Wedding fits into your Budget

It is all good and well to imagine your dream wedding but until you actually estimate the costs of the majority of the items on your budget you will not be able to make your dream wedding a reality! Which is why I thought if we look at what you can expect to pay on the majority of the items for your wedding, if those amounts don’t quite fit into your budget, I can make some suggestions of what you can do to overcome that and still have your dream wedding.

What to expect when meeting with The Wedding Speech Coach – Graham Le-Gall

Your first interaction with Graham would normally take place over the telephone to establish the basics of when and where the wedding is to take place and importantly the level of Public speaking experience. Followed by a couple of hours of exploring the internet and You Tube for inspiration and ideas. These original notes generated then form the basis of the traditional speech which the two of you will work on your wedding speech via telephone and email over a couple of weeks.

Combining your favourite ideas to create Magic on your Special Day !

Have you been exploring many different places for inspiration for your function? Researched high and low – online and off. Visited wedding shows and Simcha fairs and every wedding magazine you could get your hands on? Well now it is time to take all those favourite ideas and make your dream celebration a reality!

Where to find Inspiring Wedding Planning tips and ideas

When your mind is all over the place it’s really hard to get the creative juices flowing and to know where to start looking for places that will inspire you and give you ideas to help create your wedding theme. There are a variety of different places that you can turn to for inspirating wedding planning tips! Many I am sure you have thought of yourself but  I hope that there are some new one below? Let me know at the end how many items on the list you did not know about:

Feeling Blue?

Winter is upon us and it is COLD, GREY and DARK outside. Everyone is counting down to the Christmas break,  no one feels very inspired or motivated to do much apart from lying under a blanket with a hot cuppa and watching lots of soaps on the telly. Don’t despair if you are feeling blue because we are going to turn this winter wonderland month into something magical just for you! Where to start?

Do You Need to be Perfect?

I know this may seem like an unusual question but it has crossed my mind. Can one person really be brilliant at everything? I was watching an episode of the Olympics, when they interviewed Jessica Ennis, an athlete that won gold medals for all her races and was amazed that one of her interviewers actually suggested that there is still room for improvement! If gold is considered the best of the BEST and that is not enough, then what is?

Under Pressure… Here We Go Again

How bizarre these two songs have somehow intertwined in my mind, Queen and Mama Mia. What do they have to do with each other?? Most likely nothing but somehow they really round off what everyone goes through on a daily basis, feeling under pressure to achieve your goal and once you get there, starting all over again, planning for your next big achievement!

Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner or Event Organiser?

With most people I’ve met, there is usually a lot of deliberation as to whether they should be proactive, driven and full of creativity and organise their special celebrations by themselves or if it is really a good idea to invest in some help and get a wedding planner or event organiser on board. Before I became a wedding planner and event organiser I always thought that if you can do it yourself then you should! I’d imagine that afterwards everyone would say “well done, what a great event” and that it was down to me being creative and well organised that I was able to create a magical day for all my friends to enjoy. But what I realised is that not everyone has a creative mind, nor do they know where to go to find all the suppliers necessary to take an idea and bring it to life! And perhaps most importantly, most people don’t have the time. For most people, organising an event for themselves has to be worked into their already busy day. They work, have kids to look after, maybe a new house to prepare for, and as much as they would love to do it all themselves, once they get started they realise how much work is actually involved.

Organising Your Wedding Day – Have You Forgotten Anything?

Right so you have decided to take on the challenge of organising your wedding yourself. That is very impressive and something to be proud of as there will be lot to do. But you don’t need to do this completely alone, below is a list of ideas and suggestions to help you along the way. Things that you may have forgotten or did not think of. You are probably asking yourself “Where do I start? What do I do first?” 1) The first task should be – Prepare a wedding checklist. You can keep this with you right through your preparation. To make life a bit easier, I have created a wedding checklist which is available to download for free here.