cateringFinding the perfect caterer for a wedding, corporate event, party or family gathering is an essential part of any event. Especially if you are expecting a large number of guests.

Unless you have a talented in-house chef you will most likely be on the look out for a great caterer.

Unfortunately, anybody can start their own catering company.

Here at Dash of Sparkle we spend a lot of time researching our caterers, tasting their food and checking that their service meets our high standards. We only recommend caterers that we feel have something unique and bespoke to offer our clients in addition to their exceptional tasting food and service.

We want to help you with your search for a great caterer, please read through our handy guide on how to choose a good caterer so that the food at your event is something memorable, for all the right reasons. Please see the points below:

Word of mouth recommendations.

  • No amount of advertising can replace a good recommendation from somebody you know and trust. If a friend or acquaintance had a great caterer for their wedding or celebration, then this is a caterer you should talk to for your next big event.

cateringSchedule a tasting.

  • Always arrange a tasting with a caterer you are considering. Pencil in the date in their diary but do not pay a deposit before tasting the food. You can visit one of their functions to taste the food they are preparing there or ask for a bespoke tasting of the menu you are considering.

Consider the caterer’s specialty.

  • Some caterers specialize in larger scale events and have the equipment and expertise to professionally handle larger numbers of guests. Other caterers specialize in smaller intimate events, cocktail parties, or even just delivery of catered food. Be wary of the caterer who claims to be able to do it all, chances are that they don’t excel at any of it.  Does your caterer specialise in the kind of food that you want to offer, such as Kosher catering, are they able to offer alternative styles to the usual buffet setting? Find out what is unique about them, what can they offer that other caterers done! If you are interested in a supervised Beth Din or Kedassia Kosher caterer, we have an incredible Kosher package that starts from only £69 per person. Visit our Dash of Sparkle Kosher Package page to find out more.

Consider what services you need.

  • Some caterers will only prepare and deliver you the food you ordered, and may even go so far as to set it up. Others can provide fully trained waiting staff and support personnel. If you’re having a formal event requiring plated service then you want a catering company large enough to handle your needs. Feel free to ask the caterer how many staff they advise per table and compare that to other caterers you are speaking too. Most caterers use part-time staff but do check if they use the same regular staff or if they are from a temp agency.  Temporary waiting staff are not usually familiar with the caterer’s style of service and can result in an unprofessional manner at their functions.

Dessert buffetAsk for references.

  • When entrusting a single company to handle the catering for your event it is essential that you ask for references. Don’t just ask them to hand over names; instead ask for referrals of several recent events they catered.

Ask for a quotation.

  • The food for a wedding or celebration can be more than 50 percent of the entire cost; you’re going to get what you pay for. If your caterer is dropping their price you can be assured they’re dropping their quality as well. Make sure to ask about prices which are not usually included on a quote. For e.g. additional kitchen equipment, extended hours of service, rubbish removal.

Read the contract.

  • You should never hire a contractor without a firm contract in place. This protects your interests in case the caterer doesn’t follow through. Once you’ve decided on your caterer and agreed upon a price, sign the contract after reading it through carefully.

We would be delighted to help and take away the pressure of trying to find a talented, well recommended caterer. Please give us a call on 020 8905 2908 or send an email to to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We look forward to helping you create a breathtaking setting for your special day.