centrepiecesA room without centrepieces in our view is incomplete.  Why?  Because your centrepieces are the focal point for the main event.  When your guests walk into your room, it’s the centrepieces that give the room the WOW factor.

With centrepieces, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do.  You can let your imagination run wild.  So when you first start to plan your event, staring with the invitations, you can at this point incorporate any theme, this theme can then be extended to your centrepieces and room décorcenterpiecesAs an example, you have sent out your invitations, using a 007 theme, you could then carry on the theme with the use of LED 007 centrepieces and props around the room.

Historically it used to be that centrepieces were just balloons and flowers, but there are so many more choices available today.  From LED to Chandeliers, twisted balls,  masks, 3D, to name but a few.

centrepiecesDash of Sparkle are passionate about centrepieces, we have provided, designed and produced some of the most exquisite centrepieces available today.

Centrepieces do not have to cost the earth, if you are working within a budget there are some amazing designs out there that you can use.  As an example these 3D skull centrepieces are available at a very competitive price.

You can go down the route of creating your own centrepiecescentrepieces if you have the creativity.  Our advice if you want to do this is why not ! However, we would also advise that you have someone there at your event to set up your creations, this will take the hassle out of you having to do it on the day as you will have so many other items on your to do list, e.g. hair, make-up, pre-photo shoot with close family.

For more inspiring ideas for your centrepieces have a look at our photo gallery.

Why not give us a call to discuss your room décor and how we can create centrepieces to fit your requirements on 0208 905 2908 .