Corporate Event Branding and Theming

Corporate Branding and ThemingWhen you’re lost in the midst of planning every minute detail for your event, chances are you could overlook the most important aspect of all – building a powerful brand that speaks volumes about who you are. In a nutshell, branding is what your events look and feel like. To brand your event is to inject the personality or heart of your company through primarily a visual medium. 

By building a strong brand that works across all of your communication channels, you share a cohesive message about the core components of your business – who you are, what your event is about, and the benefits your audience will get by attending.

Once we have helped with sorting out the logistical items on your to do list, like finding the perfect venue, caterer and entertainment we then start to focus on incorporating your brand into the event.

Corporate Event Branding and ThemingHow do we do this?

Well we start of with ensuring all the stationery at the event has your colour scheme, logo and images that connect. This would be on the seating plan, menu, programme, place cards and of course your promotional gifts. If we have a presentation planned on the day, the stage and screen can be colour coordinated to fit in with your company’s colours. 

Corporate Event Branding and ThemingWith the centrepieces, we can further develop your company’s brand by incorporating your logo as part of the design.  If you have a theme in mind for your event, lets say an Award dinner, the fundamental props in the room can create the atmosphere of that theme, but the colour scheme and text around the room would reinforce your strapline, company goals and aim.

When it comes to food and entertainment, the canapes, desserts and even speakers will all have something to do with the theme of your event and have a synergy with your company’s message. Just imagine having a football entertainer with cheer leaders to get everyone in the mood to party at a gala dinner or launch event of a new football club .

Corporate Event Branding and ThemingAt Dash of Sparkle we have over 20 years of experience in organising corporate events. With our creativity, talented team and professional service we can make sure your next event has everything sorted from an intimate office training session to an elaborate themed gala dinner for your major share holders.

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