Day into Night – let’s take your party in a new exciting direction!

gladiatorWe here at “Dash of Sparkle” are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas for your upcoming party.

So this blog is all about that!

How to think outside the box.  How to create a weekend that steers away from the “traditional” dinner dance evening.  As after all “isn’t it all about the kids”?

Here at “Dash of Sparkle” we like to help bring your dreams, concepts and vision to life. We have come up with a fantastic new idea of running a super sensational event.

Why not have a Day into Night Celebration?LED cocktail tables square

During the day let’s focus on the kids – what would they want? How about a fun packed day created by a party filled with active games and activities – like it’s a Knockout, Gladiator tournament or Sumo wrestling to name a few. This is aimed at those children who want something a little different from the normal evening of just a dinner-dance disco.

Then when darkness falls, we transform the venue into a trendy nightclub atmosphere with LED furniture, poseur tables and star light dancefloor, creating excitement for adults and kids alike.

Imagine a relaxed atmosphere, waiters walking around with stunning mocktails, cocktails and delicious Kosher finger food.

Rectangular LED bar1We love this new idea, it’s a twist on tradition, a new way to entertain young and old.

This is the Dash of Sparkle Day into Night Sensation!

Bartender with cocktailThis is what we are good at… making your Simcha a truly unique experience.

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