Do You Need to be Perfect?

I know this may seem like an unusual question but it has crossed my mind.

Can one person really be brilliant at everything?

I was watching an episode of the Olympics, when they interviewed Jessica Ennis, an athlete that won gold medals for all her races and was amazed that one of her interviewers actually suggested that there is still room for improvement! If gold is considered the best of the BEST and that is not enough, then what is?

Is it right to compare one person’s achievements to another? Are we supposed to decide how good we are at something based on what someone else can offer or do? How do we decide that we are average or great? What is our worth?

All the questions above, helped me come to this conclusion …

The only person you should be achieving for is yourself. You need to decide what you want to aspire to achieve. If you want to be really good at one task, that should be your goal. If you want to master a skill or perfect something you already know then that is the right decision.

The beauty of time is that today you might be good at one thing, but every day you are learning. Every experience teaches you something new and every opportunity creates more knowledge. So the more you experience and the more you try the better well rounded you become and ultimately become the expert you aspire to be.

I think as long as you are open to learn, realise that it is always better to be the person in the room who has a lot to offer but also a lot to gain, you can never not be perfect.

Doing your best is all you can expect of yourself. Believe in what you are able to do and everything else will just fall into place.

Which is why I truly believe one person who tries really hard and achieves their goals will always be brilliant. There may always be someone out there who can run faster, jump higher or reach further. But that is not the challenge. The challenge is to strive to be the best you can be – and that is what it means to truly be PERFECT.