Football Theme your Barmitvah – Ideas and Inspiration by Dash of Sparkle

Illuminated bubble stick with basket ballWe all know that a vast amount of teenagers love football, and this is now a hugely popular theme that is being chosen for a Bar or Bat mitzvah celebration, milestone birthday party or special event.

So if you will soon be one of those proud parents, here are some great tips and ideas you’ll want to tap into when planning a football theme party.

Pre Match

Football invite


Invitations – Firstly let’s start with prior to the party. Invitations and stationery. As this is the starting point that will lead up to the Simcha, you can get really creative and produce an invite that jumps out at you, a 3D football card! This is your first opportunity to give your guests a feel of what is to come. 

Football theme burgersPre match – Kick off

During the reception you can start to give your guests a taste of things to come prior to the big reveal when they enter the main room. Have some fun and incorporate a football themed seating plan for your guests to view.

Football theme sushiAsk your caterer to get creative and use football themed cocktail sticks in their canapes and cocktails. Or they can play around with sushi to create a soccer ball. Its those little details that will make your party extra special.

Football entertainerThe Match

This is where the magic happens! With excitment in the air… you open the doors to the banqueting room! Let the Bar or Mat mitzvah child have their grand entrance with a football performer or celebrity lookalike who can also perform a interactive show during your Simcha. You can even have your team’s theme song playing for your entrance music.

Football table numbersOn your table, you have plenty of opportunities to incorporate the theme. From place cards, menus, table numbers and even Kippot. The sky is your limit. You decide how far you would like your theme to travel…

Table centrepieces   This is really where you can make a difference to the aesthetic of the room. If there is one thing that we could recommend when doing a football theme – bring your table to life with a bit of LED. It truly creates a wow factor experience!

LED centrepiece

Half Time Football Entertainments

If you have space in the room, how about a football themed graffiti wall with a football pitch for the kids to add their artwork too, or personalising the prop box and the background images with football related pictures that are produced in the photo booth. Or a Giant iPad packed with a variety of interactive football games for the kids to explore.Giant iPad

2nd Half

Desserts – One of the favourite parts of the evening. Why not carry on the theme on a sweet buffet with mini football cupcakes, football themed candy or ice-cream.

And the little momento that everyone gets to take home, such a cute idea is giving everyone a Football themed Water Bottle perfect for all those football fenatics to use while they are training for their next match.

Football bottlesSo as we said before, the sky is the limit! You can use as little or as much of our suggestions as you want.

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