Sci fi backdrop

For a party that’s simply out of this world

partyWhether you are into outer space, Sci-Fi books, or Star Wars, we can be inspired and find a theme for your event with lots of special touches which you and your guests will absolutely love; creating a party atmosphere and making it a night to remember. 

For outer space Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Christmas parties, birthday parties, anniversaries or weddings, you can have lots of fun with invitations, playing with the wording and design to stay on theme. 


Fast forward to the party, and your guests will be welcomed into a room which has been transformed into space; with a space themed backdrop, hanging planets and moon rocks made of foam.  You can ask your DJ to play space themed music like ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Man on the Moon’ as your guests play on space invaders.

partyHow about rocket pops and alien cupcakes for your sweet table? For an unusual centrepiece, try this eerie alien in a jar!  Or, for something a little less revolting, feature a fibre optic lamp that can change colour throughout the night.  Glow in the dark stars make excellent party favours and can also be used as place cards.

partyA Star Wars inspired themed party are always a real hit.  You could build this into your outer space Simcha by having your guests welcomed inside by a Jedi or Storm trooper. Entertainers dressed as characters are interactive fun, (imagine Darth Vader lifting up the chair in Israeli dancing) or you could use life-sized cut outs or models for props to allow guests to pose next to for a photo. 

partyOne of my favourite ideas is to bring in a couple of stunt artists who prepare a fighting scene with the guest of honour. Imagine them fighting with light sabres and maybe even falling off a balcony!

We have more ideas than there are stars in the sky, so please get in touch and let us make your party the best in the galaxy! To start your journey to a magical event, call us on 020 8905 2908 or email