Happy New Year Everyone

This year really feels like it has come in the blink of an eye. It truly feels like I am at the wheel of a race car without any brakes. To be honest it’s quite scary but also quite exciting, the potential of a year filled with opportunity, adventure and uncertainty makes me feel like anything is possible!

Which is why I have decided that January’s blog is all about motivation, inspiration and well-being.

January is all about a fresh start, whatever challenges 2011 brought, 2012 is a clean slate to start over or find a new way to deal with those old challenges.

Here are some suggestions to help you along your way:The most common New Year resolution is to lose weight. To look good for that celebration you are planning for, or a new career. There are many routes to choose from, some you already know, like going to a gym or joining a weight loss club like Slimming World and Weight Watchers. But have you thought of joining a small weight loss counselling group? A lot of people know what they are supposed to do but somewhere along the line, find it too hard to maintain it and end up giving up. The idea behind the weight loss counselling group is that you can be on any weight loss programme and attend the group to continue losing weight or maintain your weight loss. You pay a small fee to attend a regular weekly group that have weekly topics of interest, combined with homework (exercises) and counselling to help you keep to your programme. The Natural Gateway Clinic in Borehamwood runs one of these groups/workshops.

Moving onto your mind, January always seems to bring up those questions that make us feel anxious, for example:

  • Where can I find Mr/Mrs Right?
  • Is this all I am ever going to do career wise?
  • How do I reach for my dreams, they seem so far away?
  • I want more __________ in my life

My suggestion would be a good motivational talk, one that will inspire you, give you the tools to overcome your challenges and reach for those dreams that seem so far away. Why not, get a group of friends together and enjoy a night out at “Cocktails & Consciousness” a motivational talk Dash of Sparkle is promoting (click on the name above to find out more)?

Another way to feel motivated is to start an action list. If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to start. It’s not about planning for 5 years in advance, but rather a list of things to look forward to and things you can organise (if you like doing that sort of thing) so that you always have a reason to feel happy. For example:

January  – Arranging or attending a friend’s 40th Birthday
February – A magical evening out on Valentine’s Day
March – Preparing for a trip away with the family over half term
April – Enjoying your mini break, catching up with friends

Make sure to have a well rounded list, not everything needs to be about business or personal. A balanced list works best. Just make a list and you will see how good it feels to have a plan J

  1. Don’t let your weekends pass by without doing something fun! It is so easy to run around doing chores, preparing meals, dropping kids off at birthday parties that you forget to actually stop and enjoy those two days off work! Make sure to invite friends over for tea, find a market to walk around or relax in a coffee shop with a magazine and a latte. Whatever tickles your fancy, just remember to unwind!
  2. And if you find something great to look forward to in the future, make sure to pencil it in and tell all your friends about it, so that you don’t forget to go. There are so many great events advertised, it’s all about finding the ones that interest you. For example, in May, there is a new Health and Wellbeing Exhibition in Elstree, the first of its kind. There will be speakers, taster exercise classes, a treatment lounge and a hall filled with over 100 new and exciting products to discover. 

Whatever you do in 2012, make it a memorable, fun and exciting New Year!!!