Hip Hop Extravaganza

Themed eventsPlanning a themed event for your son or daughter can be a great experience, but also lots of work! At Dash of Sparkle, we have the experience needed to create an exciting and unique event for everyone to enjoy.

A hip hop extravaganza theme is perfect, there are so many options to make a fun, interactive event for the dance lover in your life!

Themed eventsImagine walking into a room filled with the upbeat sounds of hip-hop, with a glistening disco ball spinning above a brightly lit dance floor.

The tables boast exciting centrepieces featuring dancer silhouettes, mirrors and LED lights, accompanied by bespoke place cards and invitations to match.



Themed eventsTo add to the theme and atmosphere, you will need the best hip hop music, so why not add a bespoke DJ booth? You can have one decorated with a colourful graffiti design, great as a focal point to your function room. Go one step further and have a dance group perform at your event! Or surprise all your guests with a flash mob led by you.


Themed events
It’s not only the centrepieces that’ll impress your guests, it’s the themed cupcakes and cake pops decorated with a microphone and radio design. You can choose from any colour or flavour you like, creating a table full of tasty treats to delight your taste buds. We all know that kids love sweets, so why not incorporate a pick ‘n’ mix station or LED candyfloss?

Themed eventsBalloons are a must at any party, but you don’t have to settle for simple round ones.

Make your son or daughter feel extra special and display large balloons spelling out their name, either as part of the table decorations or at the back of the room. The choice is yours!


If you want to create this fun and exciting Hip Hop theme or any other, do give us a call on 07877 927 246 to bounce ideas together and bring your vision to life.