How and Why would you Propose Without an Engagement Ring?

If Hollywood romcoms and chick-flicks are anything to go by, proposing marriage without that iconic solitaire ring is simply not done – unless you are Bonnie and Clyde, in which case, you will be classed as a couple far from the romantic norm.

“Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, so finding the perfect ring in the right style, colour and size can cause a lot of anxiety.

If you buy a fancy engagement ring that turns out to be the wrong size, it isn’t always possible to resize it – the gemstone can become displaced or the setting can become damaged by the strain of reworking the band.

If you want to propose without the pressure, a token engagement ring could be the perfect solution.

Choosing a temporary engagement ring can be cheap, cheerful and a bit of fun. It doesn’t matter if your partner doesn’t like it or it’s the wrong size, allowing you to focus on making the proposal special with less anxiety.

Here are a couple of ideas that you may be keen to consider:

Edible Engagement Rings

Homer Simpson hilariously proposed to Marge using an onion ring, to which she said yes! (Although she asked if she could take it off soon after as it was burning her skin).

If you have a sweetie or dessert lover who would not be surprised by an unusual fun expression of your love, you could tap into the delicious variety of Haribo ring sweets available in an array of colours.

Cocktail & Dress Rings

If you like the idea of having a temporary engagement ring but you want it to be a little more special, buying a dress or cocktail ring is the perfect option. Most people own a ring or two, giving you the perfect guidance for a size that fits or you can have look at our blog about “sizing your perfect ring from home”. A cocktail or dress ring will remain special in its own right and can be worn even when an engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring are arranged on a ring finger.

Propose Without a Ring

Although it’s considered traditional to propose with some kind of ring, it doesn’t mean you have to. A ring isn’t what makes a proposal special, it’s the thought and emotion behind the words ‘will you marry me?’ that makes your partner’s heart skip a beat.

Some of the most memorable proposals documented online are ringless, with celebrities including Pink and motor cycle racer Carey Hart becoming engaged without being gifted a ring during their proposals. Instead while Carey was racing, Pink held up a pit-board on which she had written the words “Will you marry me?” Now that is an iconic romantic moment they will remember for every!

If your prospective hubby is not a racer, a great alternative is to buy a special ring box and to present it with a note that says you’ll shop for the real ring together. Make your note heartfelt and sentimental and it’ll be every bit as treasured as the real ring is.

No matter which way you propose, the most important element is sharing this moment with the one you love. Expressing how much you care for them and wanting to share all the future moments together for ever.

And when you are ready to design your bespoke engagement ring make sure to explore our bespoke online ring design service where you can try out a variety of styles, colours, sizes and stones to create your perfect ring that we can post out straight to your home!