How to turn your office or home into a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland CandlesIf you are celebrating Christmas at home or want to decorate your office and want to create a Winter Wonderland so that you can experience that magical feeling you see in the movies, I am going to share with you some little secrets that will add the magic you are hoping for …
There are 5 main elements you will need to bring your Winter Wonderland to life:

Prep Work

Before you even get started with all the décor, you need to hide or remove any items that are not white! Walk around the house look at your photo frames, ornaments, cushions and anything that does not fit the colour scheme, and find it a temporary home in a cupboard.


You do not need to spend hundreds of pounds on lighting. Invest in lots of little tea lights and candles with varying heights. Combine them in sets of three all over the house. You can take your Christmas fairy lights and twirl them around your stair case or drape some strings of lights around a table or curtain railing. Then either switch off your main lights or turn down the dimmer.

DécorWinter Wonderland Theme

White comes in a variety of shades and slight distinctions – cream, silver, grey and white of course. Combine the different shades for the perfect finish. You can have silver ribbon or baubles, a white reindeer with fairy lights. Find some twigs and transform them with silver spray paint or get a couple of white and silver pillows (or slips) to complete the Winter Wonderland magical look for your lounge.

For the table, try to find a textured tablecloth either in cream or white and decorate it with white flowers, a sprinkle of cream petals and little diamante to make everything twinkle. Try to incorporate a couple of glass or crystal vases that will definitely help with adding a bit of sparkle. You can even find some Christmas crackers that fit the colour scheme.

Setting the scene

Winter Wonderland DecorThe most important part is your focal point, where you are going to spend most of the evening. If this is your Christmas tree, decorate it with white, silver and champagne ornaments and if you have the time spray paint some pine combs with a glistening silver shade which will shine in the night.

The meal

Have a bit of fun with your dessert menu and create tasty delights with shades of white – a white chocolate fountain, popcorn, marshmallows, strawberries covered in white chocolate, biscuits decorated with white icing and little silver balls.


Winter Wonderland Themed DessertTo finish it all off and add that magical winter feeling, you need to have a bit of snow. If you don’t want to invest in fake snow you can create a similar feel by making paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, using cotton balls and packing styrofoam to decorate certain parts of the room. Use artificial frost around the window sill.

Christmas scene



Let your imagination run wild there are so many ideas out there to explore and make your home into the magical Winter Wonderland you are hoping for!

If you would prefer a bit of help and to bounce ideas together for your celebration, contact Idit on 07877 927 246 or email .