Ideas for a freakishly fun Halloween party!

Halloween partyHalloween was originally a festival of both celebration and superstition, where people would light bonfires and dress up in costumes to ward off ghosts. Now, it’s all about trick-or-treating, who can wear the scariest outfit and of course, lots of sweet treats!

Considering Halloween falls between Autumn and Winter, taking your kids trick-or-treating in the freezing cold probably isn’t the most appealing thought!

So, why not stay in this year and organise a freakishly fun Halloween party at home? At Dash of Sparkle, we love nothing more than a themed party, and we want to give you some great ideas to create your own décor, food and entertainment.

For your décor, make sure you’ve got lots of props on hand to work with – large fake spiders, ghostly lanterns, fairy Halloween partylights, candles and cob webs. A great way to create a spooky atmosphere is to have your party in the evening, turn all the lights off and just have candlelight/fairy lights around the room.

Once the scary scene is set, you can go crazy draping the ceilings with all the scary stuff you’ve got your hands on! It always looks great to position your lighting just above the props so they stand out, just like these green lanterns. If you can get hold of creepy silhouette posters, stick them around the room or on the windows to create a realistic scene from a horror film.

Halloween partyNo Halloween is complete without pumpkins and they look great as part of your buffet table or at your front door for guests to see when they arrive. For a tasty buffet with a twist, you can make scary marshmallow cookies, jelly worms with a jelly-filled hand and cupcakes decorated with orange icing, to name a few!

After all that decorating and baking, you probably want entertainment Halloween partyideas that’ll keep the kids busy, whilst you take a well-earned rest! Try something simple like watching scary films or telling ghost stories – these will keep kids entertained for hours.

Finally, make sure you’ve got a load of costumes ready for the kids (and adults too!)

If you need more tips to get your Halloween party started or prefer us to bring it all together instead, give us a call on 07877 927 246 or drop us an email