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Interesting Articles

Interesting ArticlesWhile surfing on Google, Stumble Upon, Twitter and a variety of other locations we come across a variety of interesting articles to do with weddings, parties and corporate events.

If it made a great impression, it has made it to our website to be shared with all our members (you can read the article by clicking the link):

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Driftwood-ChuppahHow you choose to decorate your chuppah for your special day can really symbolise your relationship, home and individual personalities.

This website has some fantastic ideas, have a look through for inspiration, don’t you agree – the driftwood chuppah would be perfect for an outdoor wedding or for something a little more rustic than traditional?


Decorate your wedding aisleHave you thought about how to decorate your wedding aisle yet?  Make a statement not only with flowers, but perhaps shells, pretty filled jars, candles and lanterns.

Check out this great website for more inspiration:



scrapbookIf you need some ideas and inspiration for bar/bat-mitzvah gifts, check out this handy guide!

A scrapbook of their life in photos and tales, or perhaps a family tree are lovely personal ideas.



menu ideasFood for thought! Plenty of mouth-watering menu ideas here to serve up at your child’s bar/bat-mitzvah:



ketubahLook at these wonderful, unique, custom made ketubah’s, so many lovely ideas of presenting your marriage certificate….what is yours going to look like?




numbers placenamesWedding favours with a difference?  These magnetic letters would be a definite ice-breaker for couples who don’t know each other too well!

Your guests will no doubt have lots of fun making up silly words at the table and they can of course be used again after the event for childrens games or for decorating presents:



Surviving your Bar and Bat MitzvahHave you seen/read this light-hearted yet informative guide for surviving your Bar/Bat-Mitzvah for both parents and children ? – it’s full of tips, resources, advice and information to prepare any family for this special milestone:




etiquetteSo what is the etiquette when it comes to attending a bar/bat-mitzvah?  What are the do’s and don’ts?

This guide will give you some useful pointers but it’s always best to check with the host too!



guestbookJust love this idea as an alternative to a standard guestbook.

“Instead of a traditional guest book, Amanda & Charley had a glass jar and pieces of paper so that all their guests could write us advice/well wishes etc. and put it in the jar. They agreed that every anniversary they would read a few to remember the celebration and who attended.” 

Read more great guestbook ideas here:

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