Is a Function Hall really cheaper than a Hotel Venue?

Luton Hoo Hotel

Luton Hoo Hotel

When preparing for a wedding or celebration, the very first task you find yourself exploring is looking for that perfect venue that fits your requirements and your budget.

Over the years, working in the Event Industry as a Venue Stylist and Event Organiser I have found five main questions that really help me ascertain the best venue that I can recommend to my clients…

Have a look at the questions below to help you with your search!

  1. Location – How far do you want the venue to be? Do you need public transport access? Does the venue have and need a lot of parking? Do you need accommodation?
  2. Capacity – How many guests will be attending the function? Do you need space for a dance floor? Do you want a separate welcome area and which style seating will you be having at the celebration?
  3. Catering – Are you flexible to use the venues caterers or do you want to bring in external caterers?
  4. Décor – Do you require a venue that has the style you are looking for or would you prefer to have a blank canvass to create yourself?
  5. Cost – What is your budget?

Hotels, Country Clubs, Castles, Marquees and Function Halls all have pros & cons and looking at the responses for the questions above really helps to find the best possible venue.

Mickelfield Hall, Rickmansworth

Mickelfield Hall, Rickmansworth

If you are looking for a venue which can provide you with catering, lots of parking, accommodation and has a decorative style then hotels, country clubs and castles would definitely fit this requirement. Of course it is very dependent on your budget. You will always be able to acquire a better price if you make use of the venues catering and items they provide. Many hotels, country clubs and castles have PA systems, dance floors, screens and projectors.

But they don’t really have the blank canvass approach!

A function hall or marquee will give you the opportunity to create something that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s an opportunity to take your ideas and bring them to life. With draping, lighting and props you can transform a community hall in to a Hollywood extravaganza or change a marquee into a Winter Wonderland.

With the help of an Event Organiser you can create an Arabian Palace, Circus Bazaar or a Texas Farm. Ideas are limitless!

The most important element to consider is your budget! A function hall or marquee would most likely not have a lot there. They usually have trestle tables or very few banqueting tables. They don’t have a PA system or screen. Nor would they have any in house caterers, linen, cutlery or crockery suitable for a wedding or special celebration.

Which means that although you pay a lot less for the space you would need to acquire a lot more to create your dream celebration. Most hotels and country clubs would include most of the items listed above in your package, so all that is left to incorporate would be your décor!

Before and After Community Hall transformed into a Hollywood Extravaganza

Before and After Community Hall transformed into a Hollywood Extravaganza

My recommendation would be if you don’t want to spend a minimum of £1000 on décor then you really need to opt for the venues that have already got a theme created there and add onto that with your centrepieces and catering.

I really hope this blog has helped you with deciding what direction to choose, feel free to get in touch if you need our help.

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Written by Idit Ginsberg from Dash of Sparkle.
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