Making sure your Dream Wedding fits into your Budget

dream weddingIt is all good and well to imagine your dream wedding but until you actually estimate the costs of the majority of the items on your budget you will not be able to make your dream wedding a reality!

Which is why I thought if we look at what you can expect to pay on the majority of the items for your wedding, if those amounts don’t quite fit into your budget, I can make some suggestions of what you can do to overcome that and still have your dream wedding.

The very first step with determining your budget is deciding on a projected budget. How much would you like to/can you afford to spend? For this exercise let’s project our wedding will cost £20,000.

There are many items which are relatively standard and easy to estimate while others have room to manoeuvre.

Venue Reception and Catering:
Your venue reception and catering combined makes up 40-70% of your cost.
If your projected budget is £20 000, you would be looking at around £8,000.

If you’re on a tighter budget here are some ideas to help reduce this price:

  1. Choosing to have your wedding on a week day or by having a buffet as opposed to a plated meal.
  2. Booking far in advance can further encourage a venue to reduce their prices as they have many dates available in the diary and will be happy to negotiate.
  3. Another way to reduce costs would be to try and negotiate including the ceremony room in the cost quoted, that way you can save £500. (of course not all venues are licensed for Civil Weddings so it is important to check that before approaching a potential venue if this is something you are considering to do)

Photographer, Videographer and DJ:
The cost for the photographer, videographer, DJ or band all range between £1000 and £2000. The price depends on the package you choose and how many staff members they will need to ensure they can cover all your requirements.

If the package does not fit into your budget you could try:

  1. To find a photographer that works with a videographer, that way they can give you a reduced package deal.
  2. With the DJ, try to get them to include more items in their package, like a confetti cannon or dance floor.
  3. Remember you can reduce costs here for example with opting for a hand held confetti sprayer instead of a confetti cannon. Or a black and white dance floor as opposed to a star light one. It is all about getting the most out of your supplier for the best price so that you don’t need to pay many different suppliers on delivering individual items.

Invitations average at around £350 and that usually includes reply cards and envelopes for about 120 people. If you think you will need more invites or you also want menus, place cards, and other printing included, you would need to top up your budget.

If you’re looking to shave some pounds off your budget you could consider:

  1. Using a company like Vista Print for the design and printing who can create all your stationery but is quite a bit more of a DIY job.
  2. Remember to consider the size and weight of the invitation as that would affect your postage price.
  3. Don’t opt for a scroll invite in a box if you are going to be posting overseas!

Wedding Planners:
If you are considering to make use of a wedding planner, I wanted to point out that a wedding planner will always do their best to ensure you stick to your budget and if at all possible, they will come in under budget.

Also a wedding planner will make sure that their fee is included in the budget, this is not an additional amount that you need to find!

Once you have estimated the majority of the bigger wedding items, you will be left with a figure that you can spend on your table decorations/centrepieces.

If the design you choose still does not fit into the budget, this is where you or your wedding planner can negotiate with your other suppliers to reduce some of the costs to help fit it all in and still end up with your dream wedding day.

A wedding planner can really come in handy here as they will know before you get started which suppliers will fit your budget and, as they have all been tried and tested, you will get the advantage of a better price and are still guaranteed a high level of service.

I really hope that the advice and suggestions has benefited you and that it will help you with all your wedding plans. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at