Organising Your Wedding Day – Have You Forgotten Anything?

Right so you have decided to take on the challenge of organising your wedding yourself. That is very impressive and something to be proud of as there will be lot to do.

But you don’t need to do this completely alone, below is a list of ideas and suggestions to help you along the way. Things that you may have forgotten or did not think of.

You are probably asking yourself “Where do I start? What do I do first?”

1) The first task should be – Prepare a wedding checklist. You can keep this with you right through your preparation. To make life a bit easier, I have created a wedding checklist which is available to download for free here.

2) Your wedding day is going to be a very special day for you and your fiancé. Start off with discussing the important questions:

What kind of wedding do we want?
Traditional, On a beach, In a castle, Locally, Vegas, Overseas?
Do we want children there?
How many guests are we inviting, or should we elope?

3) The questions above will really help you deciding on a venue, which will in effect lead to sorting out all the other questions. For example does the venue have a caterer or do I need to find one. Or if the venue is outdoors, you would need to source out a marquee.

4) A lot of couples don’t usually think of this, but its a good idea to take out Wedding Insurance. This cover is there to ensure you are covered for what ever reason. For example, if the venue becomes unavailable but you have already paid your deposit, or due to illness of a parent you need to postpone the wedding, the insurance will cover
your costs and make it possible for you to rebook at another time.

5) Meet up with a couple of suppliers. Don’t accept their first quote. Make sure they are well recommended or even go and see them in action. A good trick that I have found quite useful with suppliers is to check on them more then once. For example, if you book a photographer 6 months before your special day, ask if you could pop in 2 months before the wedding and see some more of his/her work. This is to make sure they have not run into any problems. (If someone is an alcoholic for example, you would not pick that up in one meeting, but if they have not had any work in 4 months or the photos may not look as sharp, you will know that something is up!)

These are a couple of points which have been very beneficial to me when I help to organise celebrations. I do hope the Wedding Checklist you downloaded will be there to guide and support you along your way.

Best of luck!
Idit Ginsberg, Dash of Sparkle