Product Launch

Product LaunchLaunching a new product, service or department is an exciting time!

We are sure you want a fresh and original style to complement your brand and create a unique and memorable event experience for everyone that attends your product launch.

There is no doubt that the product launch phase is complex and critical. However, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a product that you’ve worked on since inception come to life in users’ hands.

Moreover, achieving this result involves enormous work from cross-functional teams. Whether you are launching a new department, new company or new product, Dash of Sparkle can work together with your team to develop the ideal plan of action. Ensuring that your product launch is a success. We can organise everything you need or focus on individual elements.

Product LaunchYou may be considering what kind of entertainment you need, how to incorporate your branding and colour scheme so that it blends with the  theme at your launch.

Décor, slide shows, DJ, speakers, catering,  photography, staging, lighting, publicity, social media – these are all elements of your product launch which we are sure you are considering and may need help with.

With our expertise and talented team, we at Dash of Sparkle can assist in ensuring everything on the night is meticulously planned and executed so that you deliver an outstanding lasting impression on everyone that attends.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements for your next launch on 020 8905 2908 .