The Caravan Club, Kings Cross, London

Caravan Club, Kings CrossFrom breakfast and brunch right through to lunch and dinner, The Caravan Club in the heart of Kings Cross is definitely one to try.

Industrial chic decor, an upbeat vibe and eclectic global cooking all served up from an old granary building.

Perfect place to grab a ‘mighty fine coffee’ before hitting the shops, or for a refreshing cocktail after work.

Long gone are the late-night revellers and street walkers who once inhabited the dingy clubland-cum-wasteland behind King’s Cross Station. In their place, King’s Boulevard – the newest street in London – leads up to an attractively renovated stretch of the Regent’s Canal. On sunny days, children splash around in the fountains of the piazza-like Granary Square, while office workers eat their lunchtime sandwiches under newly planted trees. Behind the square looms an impressive, Victorian edifice – now home to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and the new branch of Caravan.

Conversion of the Grade II listed Granary Building, by architect Paul Williams, has been handled with great integrity. The brick façade is unimpeded, while the back of the building gives way to a glass and concrete modernist construction. Inside, it’s the epitome of warehouse chic with painted brick and high, pipelined wooden ceilings.

In Caravan’s expansive dining room, office workers and art school hipsters sit side-by-side at pine and metal tables, arranged canteen-style in long lines. Along one side, the chefs are visible behind a cage-like wire mesh. At the back, divided off by the bar, metal shelves are stacked with sacks of coffee beans, waiting to go into the giant on-site roaster. The personable waiting staff moved with ease between the spaces, seeming to not miss a beat.

Since opening in Exmouth Market in 2010, the original branch of Caravan has been a roaring success.

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