Time well spent in limbo …

When you plan a special occasion, you will be bubbling with excitement. You won’t be able to think about anything else – where, when, how, what and why…

HourglassWhere is that perfect venue that will amaze my guests?
When should we get married, celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or christening?
How do I create my theme and incorporate all my personal touches?
What entertainer, photographer, DJ or dessert … should I have?

Then at some point, suddenly and for no apparent reason everyone asks themselves is …

Why have I got nothing else to do?

Don’t you just hate that in-between stage … once you have sorted out all the main items on your checklist and your special day is still months away.

Everyone says, “Book early, get that venue sorted ASAP, book your photographer or DJ a year in advance so you don’t miss out!”

Well that is all good and well, but once everything is booked, how do you keep that excitement, that butterfly feeling in your tummy?

Here are some suggestions:Proofing

  1. Don’t keep going over and over your wedding or celebration folder. If everything is booked. Take a break – a girls night out, a spa day or a weekend away does wonders for your soul.
  2. Focus your planning on something completely different – it will help to bring the excitement back into your wedding/birthday plans when you look at them again with fresh eyes.
  3.  If you really can’t tear yourself away completely, do a mini workshop that links to your function (cupcake or chocolate workshop, floral arrangements, sushi making, handmade invitation/card making course).
  4. ChocolateTake a trip down memory lane – pull out all those old photo albums and create a collage of your much-loved photos. (This incidentally can also help if you are planning a slide show at your celebration :-))
  5. My favourite, a dance class – a great way to lose weight, distract your mind and prepare a special show for your entrance or first dance.
  6. Meet with a speech writer to help you fine tune your speech with some humour and those memorable moments that you want to share.
  7. Time for a wardrobe clearout! Anything that you have not worn in a year, time to donate to charity. Spring clean your wardrobe and you spring clean your mind 🙂Dancer)
  8. Book a photo shoot and spend a couple of days preparing for it. Go and buy a new outfit, get your hair and make-up done and feel like a princess for the day.
  9. Have a comfy place that’s cozy and relaxing where you can go and just zone out with fluffy pillows, a comfy chair, a good book and a glass of wine (a great view with a gentle breeze would be ideal).
  10. Assuming a couple of months have passed and you have completed all the items above, book a coffee date with your friend or event planner and go through all the items on your checklist to make sure you have not forgotten anything, that will help you get back into planning mode.

Most importantly, please remember, it is perfectly natural to go through this stage. Try to enjoy it and not get anxious or tense.

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