Under Pressure… Here We Go Again

How bizarre these two songs have somehow intertwined in my mind, Queen and Mama Mia.
What do they have to do with each other??

Most likely nothing but somehow they really round off what everyone goes through on a daily basis, feeling under pressure to achieve your goal and once you get there, starting all over again, planning for your next big achievement!

For me this month of July, I am finding quite overwhelming. Between the increase of brides that I am helping, the health and wellbeing exhibition I am organising and the kids being home on a verrrry long holiday I truly hope the PRESSURE does not get the better of me!

So I have come up with the perfect top 10 ideas to keep on top of everything while maintaining my cool and enjoying every moment!

Give it a go and let me know if it works for you too:

  1. Write down a list, it does not seem as overwhelming when you can see what you have to work through and feels great when you can put a line through it at the end. J
  2. Start every day with a bit of relaxation; don’t just jump into work mode. You are not a machine, have a coffee, listen to the radio, read a book on the train to work or watch a mini movie on the telly if you work from home. Don’t touch your computer until 9am!!
  3. First job, go through your email, file what you have dealt with. A clear inbox can create a feeling of control, “I am doing great!”.
  4. Always stop for lunch, chat to a friend, make a call, laugh and enjoy.
  5. Feeling like there is too much on your plate? Don’t think people will consider you incapable if you ask for help! It takes more courage to ask then to sit and drowwwwwn in responsibility. Share the load and you will float!
  6. A good night sleep does wonders for the way a day appears. If you have had too many late nights, make sure tomorrow is an early one!
  7. Stop at 6pm! No task is a life or death situation (well, unless you are a surgeon) No one needs a reply at 9pm, it can wait, tomorrow is another day.
  8. Spend time with your kids and family every day, a healthy balance makes a happy heart!
  9. Plan for something to look forward to that is fun, a celebration or even just a day out. Excitement in the air always puts a smile on my face!

10. And here is my favourite word to say (which my father taught me J) EGBOK
Everything is Going to Be OK! Believe it, what you believe will become a reality.

So let yourself be inspired, inspire others and keep shining and smiling.
Have a great month.