Unique entertainment ideas for an event without a DJ

EntertainmentWe’re all familiar with the lively and fun atmosphere created by a DJ – they get everyone involved and there’s plenty of dancing and fun created with all the interactive novelties!

But what if you don’t want a DJ at your event?

This could be for many reasons such as preferring to have a daytime event, your child isn’t a fan of dancing, loud music or you are on a tight budget.

Whatever the reason is, we can help you create a fun and unforgettable celebration without a DJ!


Food and drink is a very important element of every event! It’s a great idea to get creative and consider this as part of the entertainment for the party. Instead of opting for a formal plated meal consider two alternatives that can be very interactive, fun and create the vibe you are hoping for.

Having your food set out as lots of different buffet stations, gives your guests plenty of time to walk around the room, chatting to their friends whilst choosing their food. The stations can be decorated with props to fit a specific theme or country. For example, a Chinese station can have Chinese lanterns and colourful fans hanging all around them, while a Hawaiian station can have pink flamingos, coconuts and large banana leaves.

EntertainmentIf you want to try something unique, how about having a semi-service for your meal? This interactive dining experience provides you and your guests with mini food stations brought straight to your table, filled with dishes of your choice. You and your guests can help yourselves to food, pass dishes around and share a relaxed, fun meal together without having to stand in a long queue for the buffet. Don’t forget that your bar can also be a place to entertain your guests… a flair bartender could be positioned at the bar to perform stunts and serve drinks shaken, not stirred!

Having background music during the meal is still an important part of creating that party atmosphere. You don’t need a DJ to help with that… all you need to do is spend some time before your event putting together a playlist of your/your child’s favourite music, not forgetting to take requests from family and friends. On the day, bring your phone or iPod and a set of speakers, ready to entertain everyone throughout the evening.

EntertainmentHowever, if you like the idea of having some live entertainment, we have some great ideas for you to consider – singing waiters that surprise you at the table, a jazz trio playing live music in the background or a fun lookalike that can entice the guests to sing along to some karaoke.

Aside from food and music options, there are plenty of unique ideas to create a fun event for all ages. As the kids usually finish their meal within minutes, you could have some small games placed on each table to entertain while the adults finish their food. You can choose from Lego, puzzles, Jenga, personalised Trivial Pursuit or a classic game of charades!Entertainment

How about having a show from a Yo-Yo performer, crystal ball illusionist or speed graffiti artist? One of our favourite activities for a Bar/Batmizvah’s or a team building event, is to arrange a bucking bronco, roller skating or inflatable sumo wrestling ring which creates a perfect photo opportunity and is guaranteed to make everyone laugh!Entertainment


Space can be an issue, which is why there are so many great interactive games available that are great for adults and kids alike. From an LED ping pong table (great for a nightclub theme), air hockey or a foosball table to a casino table or Giant iPad. The sky is the limit.

At Dash of Sparkle, we specialise in making your dream a reality and creating your very special celebration. We work hard to create the perfect day you imagine by finding the best entertainers to suit the occasion. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our extensive list of interactive entertainment and fun activities to make your DJ-free event a success!

To find out more and get started on creating the perfect event just for you, give Idit a call on 07877 927 246.