Walk through the wardrobe into Narnia

NarniaIf you’ve long been a fan of the Narnia books, imagine you and your guests walking through this inspired Narnia themed wardrobe and entering into your very own Narnia-themed celebration…

Magical winter wonderlands make a brilliant setting for a Narnia-themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Christmas party, prom or wedding. Picture ice-white tables, chairs and linen, illuminated by gently glowing Victorian lamps.

Shimmering lights are hung around the ceiling and illuminated spiral ice sculptures make attractive centrepieces for a stunning white and light-filled room.

NarniaTake your seat on a golden throne or position yourself between the lion and glittering white trees for a couple of great photo opportunities. You can also ask guests to write you a message on a gift tag, to be hung on one of the tall white birch trees carefully placed in the venue. Then head on to the snowflake-patterned dance floor; another detail which adds to the atmosphere on this magical night.


Waiters will walk around with cocktails floating in dry ice, or water served in funky containers labelled “melted snow”.  


NarniaAll these little extras 
will enchant your guests… 



Combine this with an igloo photobooth,  ice entertainers juggling crystal balls, a couple of ice statues and indoor fountains and your guests will feel as if they have been transported straight through the wardrobe into their very own fairy-tale Narnia experience.


Here at Dash of Sparkle we are just brimming over with ideas to create Narnia for a night. We’ve more ideas to share, so please get in touch and let’s meet to discuss how we’re going to magic up your Narnia-themed event. You can call us on 020 8905 2908 or email




Narnia       Narnia