What is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project? Do I have to do one?


Bar/Bat Mitzvah projectA mitzvah project is one way to make sure your Bar/Bat mitzvah is as unique and special as you are yourself.

It’s one of the most meaningful things you can do in honour of your Bar/Bat mitzvah.

1. Choose a mitzvah

Start by thinking about your strengths and talents. Are you detail oriented? Artistic? Good at maths and science? Love cooking? There are mitzvahs that have to do with every area of life.

All mitzvahs fall into two basic categories:

  • Mitzvahs between you and G‑d. Shabbat, keeping kosher and prayer are examples of mitzvot between man and G‑d.
  • Mitzvahs between you and others. Charity, loving your fellow as yourself and the prohibitions against murder, stealing etc.

2. Do your researchBar/Bat Mitzvah Project Research

Find out everything you can about this mitzvah. Start by making sure you know exactly how to do the mitzvah correctly.

3. Make it yours

You’ve done your research, now it’s time to make this mitzvah your own. Read over all your notes and highlight things that you found inspirational or meaningful. Think about how you would like to express this meaning and inspiration. It can be a scrapbook, a charity project, a computer program or a song. How you structure your mitzvah project depends on your own interests and talents and is entirely up to you.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah volunteers4. Share it!

Your Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration is the perfect time to share your mitzvah project with your friends and family. Tell them about it, show it to them (if it’s visual), let them take home part of your project with them. Have them participate in it as much as possible. See below for more specific suggestions.



5. Mitzvah Project Suggestions:

DIY: Design and create your own Shabbat candlesticks out of clay, wood, or any other material you like. You can have the guests at your celebration make them too. Write a poem, story or song about light, and what it means to you. Print up copies so your guests can take it home with them. Create mini Shabbat candle sets for your guests to encourage them to do this mitzvah themselves every week.

Charity: Giving is a huge part of Judaism and there are many directions you can take. First research the mitzvah – there are many references and guidelines in the Torah, and plenty of inspiring stories throughout Jewish literature. For your project, you can collect toys for needy children, prepare meals for the homeless, volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter, hold a bake sale and donate the funds to an important cause, etc. You can have the guests at your celebration participate by bringing things to donate to the organisation you choose, or by helping you make items to donate.

You can choose one of these ideas, or use them as inspiration to come up with one of your own!

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