What to consider when choosing a great speaker for your event

Choosing the right speaker for your event is a crucial ‘make or break’ moment that will either help you to create a stand out event that everyone wants to attend, or a conventional event that struggles to sell tickets. Here is our list of things to consider when choosing the best speaker for your event so they excite, inspire and keep all attendees attention throughout their presentation or talk!

Define your aims

Start off by defining your aims. Speakers come from all different backgrounds with different experiences and expertise. Each speaker can offer delegates a range of messages and lessons meaning that no motivational speech will ever be the same. Think about what the aim of the event is, and then find a speaker who will fulfill that aim to pull of an amazing event. By starting with the aims, the speaker can be chosen to align directly to this, rather than a name plucked from stories heard of the speaker.


When planning a corporate event such as a conference, it all comes down to staying on budget. This means you should know what your budget is for your guest speaker. You should find out and consider what the going rate is for a high quality keynote speaker so that you can give yourself a better idea of the costs and what you can achieve within your budget. By doing so, you will pull off a great event, without breaking the bank!

Understanding the flow of the event

At different stages within an event such as a conference, exhibition or seminar, the energy of the room fluctuates. By identifying the flow of the event and the specific speaking style that matches this, will help you ensure that you are choosing the ideal speaker.  The three typical keynote slots at a corporate event are kick off, after lunch and close of day. The kick off speaker should be able to outline the big picture and set the tone and goals for the day. The after lunch speaker requires energy to reignite the delegates. The closing keynote must be able to pull together the significant messages from the whole day.

Embrace the Q&A

Whilst the delegates are sat there listening to the guest speaker, they are racking up questions in their mind that they want answers for. Make sure the speaker is flexible with the format of the session and can deliver the unique impact required. Allow them to take questions from the audience as this is what they will value most from a keynote speech.

Meet Expectations

Your audience will turn up to a corporate event with expectations of your keynote speaker. To make sure that these expectations are met, talk to your speaker in detail beforehand and ensure that they understand why the guests are attending the event and what they are hoping to get out of it, as well as what your companies aim is. This way the speaker can personalise their speech to meet the audience’s requirements and create a successful event.

In conclusion, picking the right keynote speaker for your event has a strategy and process to make sure you get the right person to achieve aims of your event. If you follow this process, then you should consistently choose great speakers that have a positive impact on your audience and ticket sales.

We hope this has helped you when choosing a speaker for your event! For easy access to these tips, why not download the PDF version here.

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