When should I do what at my celebration?

As fun and exciting planning a function can be, we also know that sorting timings out can be very stressful! We often get asked how to time a function to make sure guests will enjoy themselves, not feel bored by the speeches and ensure there is enough time to fit everything in so that their celebration goes as smooth as possible. Common questions that we get asked are how to alleviate the long queues for food, when the different entertainment options should be open, and how many speeches should be included together, so that guests will not loose interest.

We have created this interesting blog to help you with preparing the schedule for your function, as well as answering other popular questions…

When should the entertainment be open?

Having entertainment at functions is becoming very popular. From photo booths to magicians, jugglers, glitter tattoos and graffiti artists… entertainment is a great way to get a party going! But how do you know when they should be open and closed?

From experience, we find the best time to have the entertainment open is around 10 minutes after the first course has being served. This ensures any kids that have finished their food will have something to do so they don’t get up to too much mischief. Having the entertainment closed during Israeli dancing and speeches will ensure everyone is involved in the activity and not distracted by the entertainment. Be sure to discuss the schedule with your entertainers so they know when to be open and closed!

How do I stop adults and kids from bombarding the buffet stations at the same time?

We know how eager everyone can be when the food comes out at a function. We find that the best way to combat this to serve adults and kids at different times. If you are having a seated meal, be sure to serve children first and then they can go and enjoy the entertainment you have booked!

If you are having buffet stations, have two separate buffets, one for adults and one for kids or call the kids up first to get their food, then call up two tables at a time to get their meals. This avoids long queues around your function.

How to best fit in the speeches in the running order of the function?

We understand that you will always have a few people that would need to make a speech at your function, but how do you fit them in to make sure your function flows? The best way to do this is to break the speeches up throughout the evening. Have the welcome speech to start off the evening after Israeli dancing, followed by no more then three speeches at a time. If there are more speeches to follow, break them up with some dancing or a meal.

Try to keep speeches between 3-5 minutes long. The host or guest of honour can be slightly longer, no more then 10 minutes. This will keep them short and sweet and ensure your guests are still listening!

Every function needs to have an orderly schedule in order to run smoothly. We have created two draft PDF schedules for you to use as a template. Just download them and fill them in!

Click here to download the Bar/Bat Mitzvah schedule and click here to download our wedding schedule. Just remember, these are templates and can be altered to suite your special event!

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