Where to find Inspiring Wedding Planning tips and ideas

When your mind is all over the place it’s really hard to get the creative juices flowing and to know where to start looking for places that will inspire you and give you ideas to help create your wedding theme.

There are a variety of different places that you can turn to for inspirating wedding planning tips! Many I am sure you have thought of yourself but  I hope that there are some new one below?

Let me know at the end how many items on the list you did not know about:


  • Facebook groups linked to the wedding industry
    Did you know there are FB groups that are specifically for brides, listing on a daily basis photographs and ideas for wedding décor, favors, etc? You can ask questions and get professionals and suppliers in the wedding industry to reply without ever having to meet with anyone.  All you need to do is type in wedding in the search bar and a long list of choices will appear. Go on type in the word “Wedding” and see what comes up !


  • Pinterest
    I am sure that many of you have registered on Pinterest. What I love about this site is that you can search for an exact term and you’ll find a huge selection of ideas to look through. As an example,
    type in “Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme” and ideas including wedding cakes with tea cups, how to create a Mad Hatter atmosphere, even unusual tablecloths. Let your imagination run wild, the list of pictures are endless …


  • Speak to friends and family about their weddings or weddings they have attended
    Find out from friends and family that have gotten married about the things that they had at their wedding. Or if someone attended a wedding recently ask them what was their most memorable moment. Look at their photo albums. Everyone loves to talk about their wedding. All you need is a bit of time.


  • Visit venues set-up for weddings to get ideas
    This one might be tricky if you have not met anyone in the wedding industry yet. Venues are unlikely to show you the room if it is being set-up for a wedding but if you have chosen a florist or venue stylist you can ask them to see them setting up for one of their weddings. Chances are, you will get to see them in action which will help you to confirm them for your wedding and you’ll get to see all the little extras – like how did they decorate their cake stand?, what does a ceiling canopy with fairy lights look like? Did they do anything special with their place cards? All these things you will also need to consider for your wedding day.


  • Wedding Blogs, Newsletters, Forums and Websites (e.g. Hitched and UK Bride)
    These are great resources to tap into. A combination of ideas and photos all in one place. Apart from listing lots of suppliers that you can research they will also have competitions that can inspire ideas for your honeymoon, décor and entertainment. If you register for their newsletters you will receive all this info straight into your email inbox.


  • Wedding Magazines
    I am sure I don’t need to say much here, pages and pages of great ideas and suggestions…


  • Wedding Shows
    And of course if you attend a wedding show you get to see, touch and taste all the wonders available in the world of weddings. You could even get to see a fashion show or join a talk or demonstration.

Once you’ve found all these great ideas, you don’t want to forget them, or lose them!  So my suggestion is to print them off, cut them out or write them down and then stick them onto a big Wedding Inspiration Board. Your ideas could even be pieces of ribbon, sample invitations or a favour that you like. Whatever you find make sure to Keep It!  Your Wedding Inspiration Board can be a large piece of card or folder that you can access easily and add to whenever you find something inspiring.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at idit@dashofsparkle.com
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