Your Event: Disaster or Triumph?

We’d like to paint you a picture – an event with and without an event planner. Imagining how it’ll all turn out is part of the excitement leading up to your event! But what if this special time is filled with worry and stress instead of fun and anticipation? Arranging everything yourself from flowers to catering can be demanding and time-consuming. An event planner doesn’t just take control of organising these important elements, they also act as the go-to person for any pre-event issues and questions you have.

This month, rather than tell you how we can help you, we’re going to show you instead!

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DIY vs Professional: martini vase floral centrepiece

It’s not a good idea to freeze your centrepieces in attempt to keep them fresh!
Our florists have years of experience, professional workshops and large vehicles in place to prepare beautiful centrepieces. We have seen each and every person in action and can guarantee that the quality of their work will not let you down on the day.  When planning to go down the DIY route, it’s really important to ensure you are able to deliver what you are envisioning.

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Tacky entertainment – don’t trust online reviews! They could be a friend or the company recommending themselves!

Facebook is great for many things: cat videos and wedding/baby announcements, but it’s best to let your event planner recommend a tried and tested DJ or entertainer for your special event!

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Kids and cake? Not necessarily the best (muffin) mix

Without an event planner to coordinate at your event, you may be too busy posing for photos to notice your wedding cake looking a bit wonky…

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You forgot to arrange enough entertainment, or any at all

Both kids and adults need entertaining at your event, especially if it’s an all-day celebration. An event planner can help you arrange a variety of exciting interactive games, performers and music acts.

Before your event, it is very helpful to sit down with an experienced event planner to discuss your expectations and ideas and create together a very special experience for your family and friends.  Whether it’s a special surprise, decor or the running order, Dash of Sparkle can help! We also have brand-new themed experience packages to offer our clients who want a unique, unforgettable event.

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