You’ve got your orchestra, now to find the perfect conductor!

Corporate and Private Event planningWhen you look at an orchestra, you’ll see talented violinists, drummers and pianists, all ready to give the performance of their lives. They have practised, perfected their part and shown up for the big day. But as talented as they are with their individual instruments, they won’t be able to create a magical breath-taking experience without the help of a conductor to bring it all together. To deliver an emotionally and physically phenomenal performance, the conductor is the most important part of any orchestra – they look after everyone and oversee the performance from start to finish.

You may be wondering why, as wedding and event planners, we’re talking about an orchestra? What we have come to realise over the years is that organising a special celebration is very much the same as a conductor organising all the musicians in an orchestra.

Corporate and Private Event planningYou may have a breath-taking venue, a beautiful outfit, show-stopping entertainment and delicious food, but what about someone to look after everything on the day? Special events such as your wedding or your child’s Bar/Batmitzvah are unforgettable. You may have booked an incredible team for your event, but each individual supplier primarily focuses on their service: the DJ with their stunning staging, talented dancers, and atmosphere. The caterer with their delicious food and team of waiters. Beautiful centrepieces or interactive games you have chosen.

But who has an overall vision of your special day? You need someone on board to make sure that everyone has arrived on time and set-up in the correct place, all those little special moments you’ve planned for are taking place when you want them, the slide show starts and ends at the right time and your bouquet of flowers to thank a special person, has been ordered and brought to the venue.

Corporate and Private Event planningIf there’s no one to help with all those little things you need to do building up to the big day, you’re sure to feel stressed after you’ve spent money on a variety of incredible suppliers but still having to do so much on your own! As event planners, we’re there from start to finish. From the initial meeting to discuss and inspire you with great ideas, working together to create your vision, turning those ideas into a reality and finally creating a stunning experience you’ll remember for years to come.

If you’ve booked all your musicians for your symphony but have not yet booked a conductor, we hope that this interesting blog may have given you an idea of the benefits of having us at your event. We’d love to be the perfect conductor for your special celebration.

Why not give us a call or drop us an email (07877 927 246 or so we can pencil in a discovery day to find out all about your plans and how we can help take away all the pressure, inspire, create and deliver your spectacular event.