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Your wedding, anniversary, Bar/Bat mitzvah, corporate event or a  Milestone birthday are one of the most magical and memorable days of your life! The skill is turning that fantasy into a reality. The prospect of planning a wedding,  special celebration or corporate event with so many intricate details can be daunting.

As event organisers, corporate specialists and wedding planners our job is to make sure your special day is just as you always hoped it would be, leaving nothing to chance and no detail forgotten. We help create the celebration of your dreams and are experts in spotting and stopping disasters before they happen.

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Exceed Expectations with your School Prom…

With prom season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning! Prom is one of the biggest and most talked about events in the school year, so how do you make sure that it will meet everyone’s expectations and create the best night ever? We would advise to start by choosing a theme for your prom. Our top three prom themes are Masquerade Ball, Winter Wonderland and Hollywood. Make sure you also pick some exciting entertainment! Keep reading to see our top entertainment and theme ideas… Masquerade Ball Masquerade Balls are an extremely popular theme for a party. If you are looking for a theme where your guests can dress up, a masquerade ball is perfect! Imagine your guests turning up in their Venetian style masks and beautiful dresses and suits. The room can be filled with feathered centrepieces and decoration. Hire in some casino games that will keep your guests entertained! You could also have an aerial performer to show your guests some cool tricks. Winter Wonderland Magical winter wonderlands make a brilliant setting for a prom and can bring elegance, style and enchantment to your night. Take this theme the extra mile and make it a Narnia themed prom. Imagine everyone walking through a wardrobe into prom night! Fill the room with blue and white lighting to really set the scene! The room can be decorated with fake snow, white trees and draping. How about an igloo photobooth and ... Read More

Children and Weddings – 3 Ideas for Peace and Harmony

Your mattress sized Wedding Diary has a reassuring column of ticks under the heading SORTED! It’s very satisfying to watch your plans progressing, but there is one area that needs attention and is often missed, namely, how do you keep the youngsters happy and under control at weddings, parties and other celebrations? 

25 Popular First Dance Songs for Weddings

Wedding preparations involve making many decisions in common. Keeping in mind about what your spouse would like and what works for you as a couple is important. You will have to agree on many things like which wedding invitations to choose, your venue or your perfect wedding dress. But something very important to agree upon is which song you will have your first dance to.

When should I do what at my celebration?

As fun and exciting planning a function can be, we also know that sorting timings out can be very stressful! We often get asked how to time a function to make sure guests will enjoy themselves, not feel bored by the speeches and ensure there is enough time to fit everything in so that their celebration goes as smooth as possible. Common questions that we get asked are how to alleviate the long queues for food, when the different entertainment options should be open, and how many speeches should be included together, so that guests will not loose interest. We have created this interesting blog to help you with preparing the schedule for your function, as well as answering other popular questions…

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